That Simple Smile

That Simple Smile

This must come to an end

not only did you rearrange

my life but you also forever

changed me.

I truly am only half of whatever

It is that I use to be.

Why can't you see that I no

Longer want to lie or cheat

In order to get a head in life.

Hell I am willing to stand up

Plus tell the world that I'm in

Love with you but you could

Never love me the same

In return.

Your actions lifted me up but

Your words tore me down.

Tell me how could love be so

Mean treating me like a king

And peasant at the same time.

This must stop because I don't love

Easy I love hard.

I have come to far and tore down to

Many walls in my life just to make

Room for you.

Only to see you turn and walk away

From me please forgive me but loving

You hurts bad.

Yeah love just kicked my a** but I wont

Stay down for long because this pain

Here only makes me stronger.

So listen to what I have to say I will press

On I can't stop now but this here is your lost.

I know you will never find another like me so

Willing to bend to your ever need all in the name

Of that simple smile that you use to wear upon

Your face.

Copyright © 2010 ~ the prolific penman

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attemptedhumour profile image

attemptedhumour 6 years ago from Australia

You write so powerfully, but there are a few basic errors in your prose. Ask a friend to proof read your poem before you publish as it detracts two percent from something that should be one hundred. I always ask a reader to check my prose and no doubt a few glitches still sneak through. Hope i haven't offended you but that's what my buddies at the writing workshops would point out. Cheers from Oz. PS Your writing deserves a massive audience.

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