This is a poem for the 2 year old child that was knocked down and left to die in China.

Dear child *

Dear child,
the world you barely explored was cruel to you,

victim to a nightmare at just the age of two,

an image of broken and torn limbs we see,

an angel now from suffering you can be free'd,

to look down from a cradle you only just left,

to see so many lives also being taken by murdering theft,

a lesson has no been shown to the world,

the cruel harsh nature it carries, at the cost of your life little girl,

you could have been anything you wanted to be and now we dream of dreams to see,

the world in its wreckless ways change,

to escape a future of your misplace,

I'm sorry it took for you to die,

for us to understand some of lifes unfair lullabys ,

Rest in Peace dear child 18 passers by,

but for you , the world cries.

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SecretsOfTheSun profile image

SecretsOfTheSun 4 years ago from Ireland

Wow this is beautifully written!

jjackson786 profile image

jjackson786 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

I saw this video online and almost vomited. What a horrible, tragic incident in which a child was left to die as people walked over her. Unbelievable, how utterly inhuman humans can sometimes be.

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