This Memory (poem)

The leaves are turning gold once more

The scent of winter at the door

And one less summer to explore

I feel we’ve seen it all before


Soon comes the rain we can’t ignore

Where once was day an endless night

And one less kiss by candlelight

I sense we’ve done this once before


Before the breezes learned a melody

Scented by flowers’ harmony

There was this memory

Of you and me




And maybe shadows on the floor

Still understand what dreams are for

And one less moment to ignore

In case we’ve done this all before


An autumn moon this lovers’ shore

It calls our hearts again to flight

And one less chance to hold you tight

A chance we might have seen before


Before the stars in heaven could all see

The flowers dancing merrily

There was this memory

Of you and me

We’ll see

We’ll see

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grand old lady profile image

grand old lady 7 months ago from Philippines

I like the structure of the poem, and the way you pose the ending as a possibility more than as a question:)

bravewarrior profile image

bravewarrior 7 months ago from Central Florida

Martin, this is awesome. I can see this as a theme song for a romantic movie.

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