Three From Me and Short They'll Be.

Truly Limited Edition.


Wee crystal sculptures,
tumble to my black fleece coat,
where majesty melts.

May Dreams Not Yet Realized


Oh, How I long for bare limbs,
to wrap themselves
all around me,
budding beauty
and sweet scents,
succulent flesh
unfolding and enveloping me,
with a sense
of euphoria,
a gentle warm,
where dry
meets wet,
and things
grow into
a poet's most
passionate ponderings,
it's been many
long months,
I need to
immerse myself,
in the awe inspiring,
majesty of Spring.



Peath At Lath.


I dropt out of Haiku clath

cuth I had a speeth impediment,

I flunked fifth twithe

and left at seventh.

People think I'm Kuckoo.

They thay "Haiku-ku!"

and I alwathes polithely reply

"Bleth you!"

I make a living raithing doves,

they have a really Haiku,

that keeps my nieghbors awake.

I got 7 thilly bills lath month

from the landlord for having peths

and five Thilly bills today,

so I guess I'll have a barbe-que thoon,

and make dove...not war.

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