Three Thanksgiving Acrostics

Too many years ago to count

Help arrived from native peoples

And began our tradition of thanksgiving.

Never would a year go by without

Kin and friends gathered for this day.

Small blessings and large,

Good years and bad, all deserve

In their own way, grateful appreciation,

Vivacious feasting, laughter -

Indeed, even volunteer work and paradesĀ 

Now are ways of celebrating, a way to

Give thanks for everything in our lives.


Thanksgivin' gives turkeys no reason for thanks

Until the day after.

Ready-to-gobble-down, frozen, fried or stuffed,

"Kountry-raised" in tiny pens -

Enough we all say!

Young 'uns go off to your dinner tables.

Day-long feasts revolve around usĀ 

And you say your thanks and all that,

Yearning for your naps, full of turkey.



Is a time to give thanks

More than the rest of the year.

Even in hard


Or those of


Indeed especially during those

Very trying times

Every blessing brings a reason

To give thanks.

Health and family, friends

And a house to call home -

No need to remember a bad year.

Know it is behind, look forward,

Say a prayer and enjoy the day.

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charmae 5 years ago

this poem is great

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