Three Ways to Ensure Your Articles Money Making Success

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Its one thing to write a great article about a topic, but it’s another thing entirely to write well on a topic which is actually something searched for on the internet. Sure, you can write a great, great article on a really interesting topic, but if that topic isn’t remotely searched for then it will just end up like the rest of them and become Google garbage.

This will either bother you, or you won’t mind at all. If you don’t care if your topic is searched or if your article receives any views, then this little information isn’t for you.

If it is – then please, read on. This is very important.

Many of us write online because we want to make a lot of money; we think, “This is easy. Writing from home, doing something I love, and making money in the process? Count me in.” And many of us do this for weeks and months – and write really good articles – but don’t have anything in the bank to prove it.

The problem?

The topics we write on don’t have… what’s a good word… perhaps they don’t have enough oomph. They’re not catchy enough, exciting enough, or important enough for the normal consumer to want to read; because that’s who you make your money from. It’s the average citizen quickly searching Google, or any search engine, for quick information.

And to find the write topic is easy. Just follow this quick three step process to make sure the great articles you write have the topic that will make you all the money.

  • 2. Then take the keyword you decided was hot on the ones mentioned above and enter it in the Free Keyword Tracker. The results generated should give you what is the most searched phrase on that keyword, and all relatively close terms. This should give you a more definite idea of what topic to write about.

  • 1. Brainstorm a bunch of ideas. Check out magazines, newspapers for anything interesting you think may be of interest of people. The idea here is not thinking of something that no one else has – because that won’t be searched anyway – but thinking of something that you know is searched but doesn’t have a lot of information on it. This part is the hardest, and most time consuming part, but it’s pivotal to your success.

  • Once you have your ideas visit Google Trends, Yahoo Buzz, and eBay pulse and enter the keywords of the topics you’ve matched. See which ones have appeared as hot, or see which ones are close to one of the hot keywords

  • 3. This step can be ignored if needed, but if you’re really serious about making a lot of money then you should go to the Google AdSense Keyword tool.  Here type in the phrase or topic that you decided on in the previous two steps.  Click high estimated CPC, and go down the list to see how much your keywords ads are worth and how much other, close, keywords are also worth.

And that’s it. Of course making money isn’t as easy as just following these three steps, but it’s a nice safeguard. By doing this you make sure that the articles you make have the maximum capacity to make the most money. Good luck!

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Dale Mazurek profile image

Dale Mazurek 6 years ago from Canada

As an expert article marketer I find this hub to be pretty dam good. You keep it short but to the point.

Watch out for my series on tips to writing articles to come out. It is about a third done and then it will be live and free to anyone who wants to read it.



santosh1946 profile image

santosh1946 6 years ago

Vanchen's wise advice should be heeded to by all hubbers. This hub is very remarkable. Unless the content is interesting, nobody will read it. It will be good to remember that immature attitude of many authors creates bad literature. I.A. Richards in his monumental work The Principles of Literary Criticism cautions that we should not degrade literature and poetry under adverse impact of popular magazine covers: "Even the decision to what costitutes a pretty girl is largely determined by magazine covers and movie stars." Vanchen's hub is most remarkable

as it emphasises the great significance of brainstorming the ideas. Only then the hubber wll know how to write one of the best hubs. Best Regards

Santosh Kumar

SwanofWar profile image

SwanofWar 6 years ago from In My Imagination

That's really good advice. I think I'll take it!

accofranco profile image

accofranco 6 years ago from L Island

This is a nice,brief but informative hub. Thanks Vunch... for sharing these great ideas. I am a victim, i only write what i love not what is on the trend. Thanks for reminding me again...

vanchen profile image

vanchen 6 years ago from British Columbia Author

@Dale: Thanks for the comment and praise, and I will definitely check out your tips on article writing.

@santosh1946: You're right on santosh. We really need to get past the superficial stuff and get down to the real tangible ideas. Thanks for the comment.

@Swan: Good to see you around! And thanks for comment.

@accofrance: Remember this is just if you really want to make big money on your articles. Some of the best writing comes from what you want to write and - you never know - sometimes that will score big as well.

trishool profile image

trishool 6 years ago from Delhi

It took me forever to get the hang o the google adwords keyword tool. You are right! That has to be one of the most important tools for any online writer. It is absolutely paramount.

profile image

BenjaminB 6 years ago

Never knew about the checking of Google trends and the others,good info,yet another tool to add to my toolbox for making money.Thanks Vanchen!

vanchen profile image

vanchen 6 years ago from British Columbia Author

@Ben You're welcome! This is a rather simple way of explaining keyword research, but it's a good place to start.

clearblue99 profile image

clearblue99 6 years ago from Clear Blue Sky

excellent post. thanks for the great info. awesome!

Lita C. Malicdem profile image

Lita C. Malicdem 6 years ago from Philippines

Good tips! It will surely help a wide base of new hubbers wanting to drive traffic into their hubs. I'm trying keyword search. Thank you.

WoodsmensPost profile image

WoodsmensPost 6 years ago from Arizona

Good information and nicely written. It helps to keep everything fresh with money making successful ideas. I use some of these ideas and helpful tips during my process of writing hubs.

valerie jayne 6 years ago

Great information! well written hub!

marriednokids profile image

marriednokids 5 years ago from California

I am new to hub pages so this was especially useful to me. Thank you Vanchen.

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