Through The Glass.....A Menagerie

Through the glass~ A Menagerie.



Like the grains

of sand beneath them,
they lie scattered

along the shores,
tossed here by

the tumults of life.

Thousands of minuscule

specks of humanity,
on our tiny

pinpoint dot of Earth,
floating in the vast

expanse of endless space.

One gets a whole

new outlook when gazing
from thirty stories high

through tinted glass.

Glass that at

one time was itself,
just grains of sand

fused to a melting point,
and then melded into

a more relaxed state.

Much like the souls

below, who were all
overheated, and

then blown from,
many foreign parts,

and every state,
into this place

to cool down.

Here they can reflect on

nothing more important,
then whether to take

a long ocean dip,
or soak up the

relaxing rays

of the sun.

Sun which bounces off

the oiled sheen of their skin,
much like the reflections

that move across my room,
as I fetch some towels,

and a couple of cold brews,
on my way to becoming

another speck intermingled,
with that many colored,

miniature, menagerie of mankind,
that lies assembled

amidst the sand and the sea

below me

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~©-MFB III

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