Thunderheads In Orlando.


Thunderheads in Orlando


  ©-MFB III 

Grey skies above
with more gray moods below
the only bright spots
are the sun yellow parkas
scattered round as the rain falls
on each uncovered place
beneath vast yards of plastic
in happy face yellow
huddle damp grumbling masses
sad eyes hooded in shadows
in an all day long downpour
getting soaked for their tickets
cause it's raining on their dimes
as it cancels parades
now they feel like a Dumbo
looking ever so Goofy
spending hundreds of dollars
forty more....(four rain parkas)
nature's slipped them a mickey
their days pleasure is Minnie
"But Hey.....
"Welcome to Drizzlyland!"
were you wish that Jurassic
was a wee bit more dry.

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