Time To Fill In The Blanks

Stop And Enjoy

We have to go a little farther

I have tried so many times before

I couldn't quite get there

I wake up every morning

Excited and intense

Wanting, waiting for every chance I get

Loving what I do

Relying on my feelings to stimulate more impulses

These impulses drive my writings

They tune into my day

Taking all my experiences and pulling out the good

Constantly testing what works and what doesn't

Learning from my mistakes

In the meantime having the time of my life

Looking for so many other people who

Are so much like me

Sharing what they know

Then together we can go to great heights

To keep the constant flow of positive energy

Helping others in one way or another


Enjoying the way life should be

Pleasantly surprised by all the people in the world

Who constantly make life amazing

Without any hesitation or thought

As if we did it without thinking

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Michael-Milec profile image

Michael-Milec 7 months ago

Inspirational reflection of your love Michael, and labor of love - a testimony what you love doing tirelessly .

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 7 months ago Author

Michael Milec We all have our own life to live as we see fit. I think if we all found ways to enjoy life it could be an unforgettable experience. One that more people would love to do again. Unfortunately there are many people very unhappy for all different reasons and their life becomes a living hell and very sad.In many cases it affects so many others who know them. Thank you for reading and sharing. Have a great morning.

Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

Gypsy Rose Lee 7 months ago from Riga, Latvia

I am constantly inspired in my writing and my poetry by many different things. Sometimes what is happening around me, other times something I read on the net and when it all seems to get a bit much I just put on some of my favorite music and that always inspires. I always attempt to think positively and find something to smile about each day.

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 7 months ago Author

Gypsy Rose Lee Piece of mind thinking peace for all mankind. Making a small circle of good and with a little help the circle can grow to enormous size. Then split and make two circles of good. Then keep going sharing what makes us happy not only for today but for a lifetime. Thank you for caring. I love your tips and do them as well. I spend time with an elderly lady just to chat. When I leave all my problems seem silly. Have a great day.

shanmarie profile image

shanmarie 7 months ago from Texas

Feelings often inspire me. The way song lyrics come.from feelings and experiences, which is what Maes them so relatable to others. One does not always have to.feel that way to put it into words so that someone else can experience the feeling temporarily too, whatever it may be.

I really like the.last couple of lines in this one.

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 7 months ago Author

Shanmarie Life has so many different angles. Just when we thought we seen it all once again we are viewing life in a different light. Not right or wrong. Experiencing what we have known but never understood. Thank you for reading and sharing.

shanmarie profile image

shanmarie 7 months ago from Texas

Funny how that works. . .knowing something all along and not fully understanding it until later.

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 7 months ago Author

Shanmarie I think we are all searching and learning as we go. What makes me the happiest is happiness. My goal was and always is finding the people in my life that give me that excitement of a thrill ride. The mystery of a who done it. The laughter of the cartoons. Teaching me more than all my grade school and college professors combined. At the same time I want to spark a fire in their life. Ring the dinner bell so they come running. I have met a lot of people family and friends who are special to me and always will be. Then when I think the feeling is mutual I find out they are more interested in things that don't matter. Sports players with great talent but abuse their power to do and get what they want. Actors who beat their wives. Bosses that deceive and manipulate employees because they can. I have no time to waste on the wicked and the evil. I want and will spend all my time changing the world a little at a time. Laughing my way out of mistakes I have made. Sharing life's most precious moment loving the things that create life. A baby smiling when playing peek a boo. A dog wagging his tail because he got lots of kisses and is being patted. I can take on any day or night as long as I keep my spirit alive. How I do that is with people that I truly love because of their energy and attitude. I think we all have special gifts to offer to the world. I would gladly spend my day with a disabled or physically handicapped person who just is looking for their next laugh. They don't care about all the bullshit. Their lives have been affected in such a way they have no room for sadness, pain, suffering. They have and continue to deal with on a daily basis. Who am I to haveerfect health and the ability to come and go as I please. Where no fault of their own they live my worst nightmare. They are and continue to be my heroes. I think they are the people and their families that should be front page in today's newspaper and tomorrow on the six o'clock news stories. Not as a highlight or special edition as regular news and the rest of the craziness as side news like a small add in a paper. They never once want pitty. They want to live and I am not sure how to go from here to there. People all know about these extremely talented and loving people but rather spend their days and nights talking about the criminals and evils of society. I hear and see the same things. I want to spend my last breath hugging a little a little girl who is learning how to spell the word mom and writes I love you Mommmy. Not to many people will listen to what I have to say. They remind me I live in a fantasy world. I quickly remind them if it wasn't for fantasy we wouldn't have all the wonders of society. The telephone was thought by experts to be nothing more than a toy. Everywhere you look no one is without one. How right they were and wrong the experts were. I love the feeling I get when I read your comments and so many other readers I don't even know. I picture in my mind how thankful I am to have finally met. Real people who care. Real people who cry and say that really suds in place of another word and now that we know this lets do something about it. Not me or you but together with anyone and everyone who thinks and dreams and wakes up before their alarm clock just to say I am so happy I beat my alarm clock. I am up and here I come world ready or not. Thank you for reading and listening. Most people would call this an out burst a rant or rambling. I call this my mind focusing and tuning into a real and honest life.

shanmarie profile image

shanmarie 7 months ago from Texas

Well. . .I'll tell you right now, unless I've gone to bed extra early and can no longer sleep, I do not feel happy to beat my alarm clock. I'm actually a bit grumpy when I am too tired, especially in the morning when I first wake up. But once I get going, I am good to go. LOL I am a night owl by nature. Always have been and probably always will be. As a child, I loved spending the night at my grandma's, knowing she would let us stay up as long as we wanted. Always a slumber party every time. And my dad worked nights so I would get up after my mom fell asleep and the house was all quiet. I'd go in the living room and either do homework or read until my dad got home. Then I would head to my bedroom before he came in the house at around 1:30am. It's a wonder I ever caught the bus for school. I could totally sleep half the day away and be more creatively productive at night when all is quiet and no one is bothering me. But these days I am more often in bed before midnight and although I do sleep in sometimes, I try to take advantage of the daytime hours to be productive in other ways. But I am rambling now about nothing.

As for you ranting, I don't mind. Rants and vents, whatever one calls them. . .they help clear the mind and organize it. Sometimes just telling someone else what's on the mind or heart is enough. Other times, someone acts as a sounding board when sharing thoughts or experiences in return. Either way, it can be valuable to let it out. Sometimes I feel more empowered to go forward if I share with a trusted person. Otherwise it can be easy to take myself in circles until I don't know right from left or up from down. In a nutshell, it does help focus the mind.

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 7 months ago Author

Shanmarie Each day I make the proper plans to carry my ideas through. My ideas are different than my work in a resturaunt. They go from the simple to the most complex. I write and share my dreams including every emotion and thought along the way. My vision takes fantasy to reality. My daily day constantly requires attention to all the normal things that any relationship needs to flourish. Keeping our home and yard beautiful for the summer. Getting meals and day to day chores and responsibilities. Feeling love and desires for living a full life. Watching a little t.v. Not to be destracted and taken away from my future goals and dreams. I am amazed how this young generation has no spirit and drive. Because I work with so many young people I constantly interact with them in work. I try not to waste time and I am driven by my spirit. Do you strive for your dreams and are other people supporting you in your efforts ? Some people are happy just to enjoy going to work earning money at their current job and coming home to relax and call it a day. Willing to do this for the next twenty years till they retire. I am always thinking of so many creative opportunities and try to think ways to incorporate them in my life. My ideas if carried out can help so many people. They don't exsist as we speak. It is frustrating to run out of time in each day because each idea takes time and energy of a team effort. Finding the right people to support each other and work together is difficult. Any suggestions how to connect with the right people ? With the right combo things can develop but with the wrong connection things are bound to fail. Thank you for your time and comments.

shanmarie profile image

shanmarie 7 months ago from Texas

Depends on what you mean by support. I try to strive for my dreams, yes, but sometimes lack of support and other obstacles makes it feel like I am only hitting brick walls hard. In some ways, I feel indestructible now. But it can also wear a person down. Every once in a while I think maybe I would none much happier if I just accepted that my life is what it is. But I can't do that. I don't want to be numb to the world around me. I don't want to be rich either. I just want a rich and meaningful life. So I hang onto my dreams because I can. And then when I accomplish some small part of something related to my dreams I feel contentment and excited, giddy even sometimes, like a child. Why? Because that small accomplishment matters to me and it doesn't matter if anyone else cares. But it's so much better when others are supportive.

There are many ways to be supportive. I think a strong support system consists of people who fulfill many of those roles, each individual supporting in one or more ways. Sometimes it's just am ear to listen while sharing feelings or thoughts about events in life and the world. Sometimes it's a person helping to bring those ideas to life. Sometimes it's a person just genuinely being happy for my little successes. A hug or a kind word when something is going wrong. Just someone saying they care . .The collective little things make a huge difference.

But where my support system lacks is being around people actually willing or able to step in a and do something when needed. I'd be more than happy to do a favor in exchange. But my friends and family live in other cities and states. So. . .no babysitter more often than not. . .no one to borrow things back and forth with to share like that. . .things like that.

As for suggestions on how to connect, just keep trying. When I started interviewing music artists, it was on a whim. I found a group I liked and sent an email. Wouldn't you know, they responded with a yes? Then after awhile artists started contacting me to be interviewed. I really want to start doing that again, but I don't have internet at home, just my phone, so it's harder to do. Anyway, you never know unless you ask. Some will be graciously willing. Others will be eager. Some will decline. But there are always more. How can someone know what you need if you do not say? Once they know, you wait and see who can or is willing to offer it. I never imagined I would talk to Mark Wills on the phone, do an email interview with Aaron Tippin, or get advice from Nathan Osmond about songwriting. Amy Rose wants to share an idea I had with her band leader. It may never happen. . .But eventually I think maybe the right person and the right time will come along. I can hope and dream, at least. I don't want to be famous. I just like the idea of moving people. It's magical.

I was also told writing won't work out. But people like those here on HP are so encouraging and I aim to learn as much as I can. I'm not wealthy by any means. In fact, it's worse than paycheck to paycheck, but I keep going as I can. One day I will get that book I started published. ( actually I started several. LOL) my point is, I paid for it already because I was that hellbent on it happening some day. That was three years ago. Now I already have an editor in mind and I have done so much research. . .Even attended that virtual dementia tour. . .It will be completed one day. Mark my words.

So to answer your questions, it's a challenge but yes I try. I can't really imagine ever really giving up on dreams even if they change. Everyone has them. Or else they are hurting too much to live.

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 7 months ago Author

Shanmarie I appreciate the detail and explanation in your comment. I am a very creative person who can come up with ideas and see things as they could be. Because I am not a material person and I have never wanted or needed anything expensive or the best I often am very happy with older or used things that I might pick up at yard sales or flea markets. My desires stretch as wide as the ocean. Looking for creative ways to make people happy and paying the way for future ideas to follow. There are many things in life I would love to change but because of lack of technical knowledge or resources I am temporarily at a stand still. I read about other people who follow their dreams and try to follow some of the same methods. I continue to push forward not because I have to but because I want to make the world a better place. My wife and I work hard at our jobs and also have a tight budget. My imagination always fills my pockets and my energy is stronger than ever. I keep trying to make it happen. My wife sees my dreams but she is more practical and keeps me balanced. She supports me the best she can but my time is limited do to our work schedules. We work nights and I come home at about 2:40 A.M. and I am up for two hours reading and writing. After going to bed I am back up about 10:00 to get a few things done. We leave for work at 12:30 and We are gone till the next morning. Whenever I have a little free time I try to make it productive. I am looking for someone to exchange ideas and helping them develop slowly. Watching the progress as things take shape.I love to things as a team and we can all be part of something beautiful. If things work out well which in my mind I dream often we can both spend more time with our families and any extra money can free up some time to do the things that I feel matter most. While still holding our full time jobs . I am not afraid of hard work. The most important thing in a partner I look for is compassion and creativity. Unfortunately the people that I work with and know all see money as their motivator and sole reason for doing something. That is never my intention I do it for the love of creating and the pleasure of making it work. The money can and will come adventually and with that my partner or partners can all decide to help others and better ourselves in the same process. I get frustrated when people don't see my reasoning or logic. Thank you for reading and sharing.

shanmarie profile image

shanmarie 7 months ago from Texas

Just keep trying. If you can't network or don't want to, keep doing it yourself. I personally feel that the personal satisfaction is what is most important. That saying. . .you can't help others until you help yourself. . it's true. Even when networking. Not a what's in it for me attitude, but doing it because you feel happy and whole too. Then there's plenty in it for everyone because the ones who are willing and able to help with your dreams will be there. Everyone else worthwhile is going to support in others ways they can. That's teamwork, too.

It's easy to get frustrated or discouraged, but if one way isn't working then try another. Or maybe it is and just not fast enough. Who knows. Maybe the timing just isn't right yet. Do what makes you happy and don't give up because it does make you happy.

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 7 months ago Author

Shanmarie To be passionate about things we do is to love life and the beauty we can create to share with the world. It is not just one idea it is a way of life. Our ideas stem from other peoples ideas and just are an expansion of growth. Thank you for reading and sharing. Have a great day.

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