Time is precious


Time is like   a   race

So try to win this race,

If you spend it in sleep,

It will make you weak.

                                          If   you   take   it easy,

                                          It will make you crazy.

                                          If you take   it tough,

                                          It will give you much.

If   you   take   it cheap,

It will drop   you deep.

If you change its pace,

It will change your pace.


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nilum profile image

nilum 7 years ago Author

Thanks Dude

honey 7 years ago

it is nice

nilum profile image

nilum 7 years ago Author

Im Thankful honey

deeksha 6 years ago

very nice

anam siddiqui 6 years ago

very very nice!i like this poem.

nilum profile image

nilum 6 years ago Author


divya khanna 6 years ago


tayyaba 6 years ago


sindhu 6 years ago

Really it's a good job

TAHIR 5 years ago

time is precious

upendra 5 years ago

its nice one.

ashna sambhar profile image

ashna sambhar 5 years ago

A nice line on each japanees bus stop"only buses wl stop,nt ur tym..so keep walking towards ur goal"...TYM IS PRECIOUS DON'T WASTE IT.....

apoorva khurana 5 years ago

nice poem,nice thoughts!!!!!!!!!

vishal pansari 4 years ago

great lines to motivate students.plzzzzzzzzz let us follow it

laiba zahir 4 years ago

very niice poem all young generation of pakistan should follow this poem

nilum profile image

nilum 4 years ago Author

Thanks you Dear

nonu tyagi 4 years ago

the poem is too short,but it's not bad it's nice.i would say that the poet is so creative and has mind of logics.his world is so nice and i would pray that you would compose more poems like this and very very all the best you

surjeet singh 4 years ago

nice dear ....

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