Time Emit Time Emit Time

Kite, designed,

I miss... Memory, remind,

me where to find,

my life,

I sent out on a rocket ship, for nobody to find,

hidden in plane sight,

drifting away into empty night,

dark, goodbye,

packed pre-flight,

sit, deep breath, sigh,

it's gonna bee alright,

don't forget your eyes,

inside the boat, alive,

trying to remind myself I still have a mind,

seeing bright,

future picture, looks, nice,

alright, to the right, take control, drive,


do whatever makes yo happy, just u survive,

only one try,

navigation, lights,

key's free, I think... Start ignition, wishing... Science- sitting in, a healing, magical Re-search device,

(Rabbit whole's cold, rudder hold, watch wingtip's for ice.)

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c-m-hall profile image

c-m-hall 14 months ago from York, Maine

wow! there's another .... me.

goego profile image

goego 14 months ago from Loserland Author

=) :) ;)

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