Timmy Mcveigh slept here....Terre Haute, Indiana--somewhere on 70 west


Terre Haute,

Indiana simmers

in the June heat


it's 90 degrees here today,
but folks just smile now
it's ancient name means
the "High Land."
and it's here where
the lowest of all evil
presented a frosty glare
overshadowing the
Summer's joyous birth.

A granite face that chilled
the hearts of all good people
it loomed insidiously

in this fair city
while it appealed for mercy
on a merciless soul .

Two days ago

his frozen countenance
was shattered
he left without incidence
on the talons of demons
"The Captain of his own soul..."
on a voyage of the damned."
Scatter his ashes on
the nearest landfill
his life was a complete
waste at the end
168 tears were

shed that day
for his victims
but not one tear

of remorse fell
when they stilled
his frozen heart
still unmelted,

and unmoved
to the terrible grief,
and havoc
he had wrought
it's Summer here..... at last
conditions have returned
from below normal
children leap elatedly
through lawn sprinklers
parents chuckle
love blooms
and life goes on
Terre Haute, Indiana
is a highland
once again.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MFB III-2001

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Debarshi Dutta profile image

Debarshi Dutta 6 years ago from Calcutta

This poem is very well written as usual..I only need to go thru the history of the place and Timmy Mcveigh before I read it once more.

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