Tingling Signals Fade ~ a poem by Michael Maxwell

Tingling Signals Fade (Rubaiyat and Ottava Rima combined)

by Michael Maxwell

Upon high drifty precipices, we
may scan the emerald line that caps the sea,
and in black skies may spy aurora’s whirl;
These charms will ne’er compare to Calvary.

We may unearth and excavate new tombs,
Gold walls and painted relics, gem-filled rooms;
Yet still, the blood of Christ upon our heart,
is brighter than all of spring’s ephemeral blooms.

High castles, dames in striking gowns arrayed,
Most pleasant poppies, these vain sensations fade,
Of greatest worth, eternal fruits have birth,
when Jesus Christ again has been obeyed.

Our kin may penetrate the lofty cloud,
Or pierce the foe with Peace’s sword endowed;
Will there ever be like Joy in all the worlds,
When every knee to Jesus Christ has bowed?

We may unveil new elements which heal,
Set foot on distant planets of new shades;
The agonies and ecstasies we feel,
are ne’er deserving of His accolades.
What mortal will deny His blood’s appeal?
The myriad angels make His cavalcades.
And they say of the Savior’s face in heaven’s haze, 
that a moment’s glimpse is as a thousand days.

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