Tips And Benefits In Writing By Having An Extra Window Open For Your Writing Task


In previous articles or hubs, it was mentioned that surfing on the internet can help you gain some skills in writing. Being online reading people’s articles and gathering information improves your skills in writing. Through a process called “researching” you get various information that you might not know. This information is often used to help people in their inquiries or problems. You can do the same, gather information or tips on how to improve your writing. You can even get ideas or topics that you might use in your writing whether scenes for your story or novel. You can even come up with information about topics that you can create for your own articles.

In this article or hub, I will be providing some tips on how to effectively gain some skills in multitasking which can be used in writing. Multitasking is an essential skill especially if you are relying on information gathered from the internet. Gathering information is quick and fast if you know how to multitask. It will definitely save you some time which can be used in other tasks in writing. The secret here is adjusting your window browsers whether it would be internet browsing windows or work pad windows such as notepads or Microsoft word windows. That way you can type, copy and paste information from one window to another at the same time.

Ideas from chat

While socializing with your friends or family members, especially with your co-writers included in your writing group; they often provide useful information that you can use in your writing. This information is stored in the chat box or chat window and while waiting for their response, jot down the ideas as quick as you can in another window or work pad.

You don’t have to copy the details in full, just pick out the keywords or phrases then start jotting down. After chatting with your friends or co-writers; once you have a vacant time, transfer the ideas that you typed down to your archives of ideas. If you remember in previous tips, you should have a folder or a compilation of your ideas in a single file. Use these ideas that you have typed down in the future especially for your future writings.

Courtesy of Google
Courtesy of Google | Source

Ideas from games

Are you a gaming addict? If you are, consider yourself lucky because while playing computer games you can gather ideas from the story of the game. Game windows on your screen can always be adjusted especially for online games, remember to have an extra window for you to jot down ideas in the event that an idea pops out while playing on the computer.

The scenes or stories in computer games are good templates or plots for your story. Applying your personal touch on the story makes it original. The only things that you need to revise are the characters, settings, and the word choice for your story and if you can add a few things in the original story of the game that would be a great idea.

Courtesy of Google
Courtesy of Google | Source

Ideas while surfing the internet

Surfing the internet is one of the best ways to gather ideas. Ideas can come from online forums from active members that are dedicated to help out people they don’t even know. Questions are just simply posted on a forum and answers will be flowing like water from a stream. Articles are also a good source of information on the internet and trust me, the information that you can get in articles written by authors are almost perfect. They did their part researching and gathering all the information that they can find in a specific topic and tailored in a way to help people with their problems. You should also do the same, gather as many information that you can find and combine it in one single article that you can come up with.

The same strategy should be applied here, copy or type down the most important information by selecting the keywords or phrases found in the article. Use these phrases and keywords to come up with your own article or store the ideas that you gathered in your idea database. Use the ideas for your future writings.

Courtesy of Google
Courtesy of Google | Source

Copying ideas

One of the benefits why you should always have an extra window open when every time you use your computer in writing is to make copying content much faster. It is as simple as highlighting the words or text that you would like to use in your writing and copying it by pressing a series of buttons, after which clicking on the extra window you have opened and pressing another series of buttons to transfer the copied text.

Do not get me wrong about copying and pasting content since we have copy right laws nowadays. I don’t mean that you should use the original text in your writing as is. The purpose of copying and pasting the content is to save you some time especially if you are researching on certain topics or ideas that you will be using in your writing.

After copying and pasting the text on your extra window, go over it once more and revise it if you have the time before applying it in your writing project. So rather than researching, retyping and revising the content; copy it instead just by pressing some buttons in your keyboard and reuse it in your writing project. Your work is halved if you do it this way and again use your extra time for other activities to accomplish other tasks scheduled for your writing.

Courtesy of Google
Courtesy of Google | Source


Written above are just some benefits and ways on how you as a writer should always keep an extra window open for your writing. Not only it is useful when it comes to researching but also useful when ideas pops out from your mind while you are in the middle or doing something in your computer. There are so many other ways on how you can practice multi-tasking which is an essential skill if you rely too much on a computer for your writing project. Using technology with the help of other skills definitely speeds up the process of our work allowing us to be more productive in our writing projects.

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MYWIKISTEP 3 years ago

I cannot but agree with you.

I use the same thinking for writing/finding subjects.

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