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Writing exercises improves a writer’s skill in writing. The most emphasized skills when it comes to writing exercises are readiness, creativity, and active thinking. There are so many varieties or ways on how you can come up with writing exercises and there are a lot of benefits of doing so. Writing requires time even the shortest time possible so if you have the shortest time that you can dispose, write to your heart’s content.

In previous articles or hubs, it was mentioned that you can do a seven minute writing exercise. This works hand in hand if you can apply this on your break schedules while sipping a cup of coffee. There are so many benefits while writing during your break schedules. In this article or hub, I will be providing a list of benefits to encourage you to write during your break together with some tips that you can do to write during your breaks. Read more to find out.

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Write anything that you can think of

While you are on break and waiting for your shift to start again or if you are at school waiting for your next class, spare a little time writing. Fifteen minutes would do or you can do the seven minute writing exercise. Write any topic that you can think of since this will improve your readiness and creativity in writing. Any topic would do such as a scene in your story or even a product review of the latest gadgets that you can think of.

The topic that you have written during your break can be used in your story, novel, or even in your articles to be published in magazines or newspapers. This also improves your promptness when it comes to your word usage. You can identify if the words you have used are appropriate by reviewing your work done on your break on a later time.

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Write for five minutes

If you cannot spare a few minutes writing, at least write for just five minutes. Five minutes would do since you can already come up with a paragraph in as short as five minutes. The paragraph you have written can be used in your work later on. Writing for five minutes daily can save you a lot of work. Imagine if you have five days of work and you have five minutes of writing every day, you already have made twenty five minutes worth of work in your break time alone.

One of the benefits of writing in as short as five minutes is it doesn’t consume much of your time. You can allocate your remaining time planning for other things or doing other stuff such as reading. Writing for five minutes is so fast you might get consumed by your mood in writing and unknowingly not minding the time that you will be exceeding five minutes writing. The more time you write during your vacant period, the more time you save on your work for later dates.

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Time efficient practice

Writing during your break is a good habit. It not only saves time for future work but also improves some of the skills that a writer must possess. Doing this regularly greatly enhances one’s skills in writing. As mentioned above, it improves your readiness and coming up with interesting topics that you can write. Your creativity is also enhanced since you are thinking of ways on how to properly execute your work in writing. Skills in word usage are also enhanced due to coming up with good and appropriate words to be used in your writing which greatly improves your vocabulary.

The best thing about this is you are doing this good practice in as short as five to fifteen minutes per day on your most convenient time. Combining those entire workloads eliminates a huge bulk of time allocated in your writing project.

Finishing a work

Writing during your break can help you in finishing your work. If you do not have enough time in your writing project, do some tasks during your vacant time which is your break. By doing this, you can finish other tasks that you have planned in your writing project.

By writing during your break periods, you are accomplishing your goals earlier than what you have expected giving you more chance of improving your work and perfecting your written work. You can also review your work during your break to check if there are some errors done in your writing project. By looking at small details that you have missed such as appropriate word usage, grammar and punctuation, and a lot more; you are improving the quality of your work. This gives you a good standing and establishing yourself to your target readers showing and proving to them that you are a great writer.

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Saving time

Writing during your break is a good way to maximize your time; this saves you a lot of time for your work in your writing project. Imagine if you can write during your breaks and add more time writing while you are on your lunch after eating your meal. Doing this routine work maximizes the usage of your time allowing you to finish a lot of work in a short amount of time.

You are also saving your time by accomplishing your goals on an earlier time than you have planned. The more time you can spare the better outcome your work will be for you to review your work once it is all done. Adding all the time you are doing during your break eats a huge bulk of workload in your writing project. As a writer, good time management is required in writing. Writing requires time so you should have enough time in doing your vocation.

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Written above are just some examples and tips why is it beneficial for a writer to write during our break time. Not only has it enhanced our skills but it also saves us time in our future writing project. One of the requirements of coming up with a good work in writing is time. The more time you spend on your writing, the better the quality and outcome of your work.

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