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As a writer, we should be organized in all the things we do starting from the arrangements of our stuff to our files in writing. The reason why writers should be organized is to have a better ambiance allowing us to think more rationally, actively, and peacefully. This boosts our creativity in writing and it also affects our way of thinking. In this article or hub, I will be providing some benefits why our files should be organized and I highly recommend you start organizing your files in writing starting from the list of ideas that you have written down including your audio files or recordings of your ideas. Included in this article or hub are steps on how to organize your files.

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Review your ideas

Start reviewing your ideas and check what type of ideas your list belongs to; if the ideas that you have listed can be used in your story, novel, article or poems make sure that the ideas listed is appropriate in your categories. Transfer your list of ideas from your notebooks to come up with a whole new file containing all your ideas listed as one. This huge file will be your reference of ideas that you can use in your writing. This would serve as your very own compilation of ideas. The same goes with your audio recordings, transcribe your recorded ideas on the same file that you have created in order for all your ideas to be compiles as one. The reason why you should be reviewing your ideas is to make sure that every idea is unique and not just a duplicate of the one you have listed. There is a huge tendency that your written ideas have a match on your recorded ideas so eliminate any duplicates.

Organize and sort it by category

After coming up with a huge compilation of ideas; break it down into different categories such as ideas for novels, stories, article topics, and poems. It would be best if you can use your computer to segregate your files and create a folder for each category for a better organization of your files. You can try to come up with sub categories for your files for every category that you have. A good example of this is by creating sub categories for your story files such as fantasy, action, suspense thriller categories for your story or novel. It is also recommended that you create a different set of files for your characters so you have a master list of characters for your story or novel that you can use when the need arises.

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Ease of getting and using your ideas

Once you have successfully created a compilation of your ideas, the best benefit that it can provide you is the ease of locating these ideas and how or when is the appropriate time to use it. Since you know your ideas where can it be located and in which folder that you have saved it, it gives you less time locating it rather than reviewing your files again just to find and use those ideas. It avoids the hassle of wasting your time locating those ideas and pulling it up to be used in your writing. After locating it, all you have to do is to apply the idea in your writing project and all it needs is a little editing to finalize your work. Do the same process again and again until you have finished your work or your writing project.

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Helps in the progress of your work

Another benefit of why our files should be organized and sorted is it helps in the progress of our work. As mentioned in the previous tip, you will have an easier time locating and applying the idea in your work which definitely helps us in completing our work. It avoids the writer being stuck in their writing project due to lack of ideas to continue on with their work. Once you have your ideas sorted and reviewed, you will never run out of ideas because you will just locate it in your file and apply it on your work. You will never be delayed in your work in finishing it and it gives you the chance of finishing it even in an earlier date. Yes it took you some time in sorting it out but wouldn’t it be nice if you already have established a grand list of files of your ideas and you can reuse it over and over again in your different projects? Think about the good benefit of using your time wisely in compiling your ideas because this will save you some time in the future.

Establishing a whole new project using your ideas

Ever thought of running out of writing projects to be made? Have no fear, because your compilation of ideas is already good enough and can come up with a whole new writing project to be finished. Pick out related ideas from your huge file of ideas and join it together. What it just needs now is a little editing and a little spice of your personal touch to complete the project. You only have to provide a little effort to finish up with a new work to be published. Again, this saves you a huge amount of time creating and gathering ideas for you to come up with a writing project that you want to publish.

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Some tips above are just some of the examples on how to sort your files and why it is necessary to have a well-organized collection of your ideas. There are so many benefits why it is important to have your ideas organized. If you are a writer that has already finished and used all your ideas in your compilation and cannot think of a project to work on, I highly encourage you to create your very own set of benefits why a writer should organize their ideas and try to write an article about it. It would be really nice if we can help each other out in the field of writing especially the newbies in our vocation.

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