Tips In Writing Why We Should Be Prepared For Ideas


As mentioned in previous articles or hubs, ideas can come anytime and anywhere you are. The best thing to do is always be prepared for ideas that might jump at you. Make sure you jot down these ideas immediately for future reference and have them added in your master list of ideas. Use these ideas by improving your work or your skills in writing and make it a habit to review your master list of ideas regularly. Make it a habit as well that you will have a pen and paper ready with you signaling your awareness and preparedness in writing down ideas that you may come up with. In this article or hub, I will be providing some tips on how to be prepared in case ideas come at you like lightning bolt and I recommend to you to read more to find out.

Pen and paper at your reach

It is good to have a pen and paper handy all over your house. Have paper pads attached on the walls together with pens that have strings attached to them. You can place these items in your living room, your kitchen, bedroom, basement, and even at the comfort room. It would be best if you are always prepared with these items to help you out in listing down your ideas. You might not have a pen and paper with you at all times but it would be wise to have them everywhere with in your reach in the event that ideas come up to your mind. If you do not want to damage the walls of your house using sticky tapes, you have the option to have pens and papers in your drawers or in your secret compartments to ensure that there is an item in wait that you can use for listing down ideas.

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Pen and paper inside your pockets

If you are always on the go, it is nice to have pocket notebooks with you for you to list down your ideas. A small notebook with a small pen makes this perfect. You can grab one if you are on the train, inside the bus, and even if you are sitting on a bench at the park looking for the wonderful view in front of you. You can always find ideas anywhere you go. You can even come up with ideas by looking at how people converse with each other. Ideas can even come out from the places around you so better be prepared in jotting down ideas that you can come up with and have it included in your master list.

Purpose of having pen and paper around

The reason why it is beneficial for writers to have a pen and paper handy with you at all times is because ideas comes up when we least expect it. Like a great huge light bulb that will suddenly light up on top of your head, ideas come out from nowhere. The mind is one of the best parts of the body that is so difficult to explain because of too many processes it undergoes. With all the processes it undergoes, with a split second or two an idea can come up suddenly. Making sure that these ideas are not lost and is stored in your journal is also one of the reasons why it is important to have a pen and paper ready with you.


As a writer, being prepared at all times is a great way to accomplish most of your task. Having a pen and paper handy is good and helps you lessen your time in writing. It is because you don’t have to ponder and think of ideas while you are doing your work because you already have a set of ideas waiting for you listed in your journal. All you have to do is to review the ideas that you have listed down and apply it on your work or your writing project. Make the most out of it by using your ideas listed in your journal in improving your work and remember to make it a good habit of being prepared in listing down ideas for your writing.

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