Tips On How To Be An Effective Nocturnal Writer


In the previous tips, it was mentioned that a writer must have a flexible time when it comes to writing. As a writer, it is your option if you want to do your writing at night. There are some good reasons why you should work on your writing during night time and this article will provide you the reasons why. In this article, I would also include some tips to improve your writing at night without disturbing your house members or without being disturbed.

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Proper lighting when it comes to writing

If you can afford to buy a pen light, a small flash light or even a lamp shade you can use one of these items to have enough lighting while working through the night on your writing. While you are sitting on your bed and your partner sleeps restlessly, you can jot down thoughts and ideas that can improve your writing before you sleep. It is really recommended to write something before you sleep so that you will not disturb the other members of your house especially your kids.

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Maximize your thoughts

Before you call it a day, try to write down all your ideas that can improve your writing. It is recommended that you put all your efforts in providing all your ideas to your writing. Emptying your thoughts or your concerns is a good way to do it. Together with your thoughts by not knowing it, inspirations will also pop out from you allowing you to write down so many ideas and you get motivated in the same time.

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Use a pen and paper instead

Rather than writing using a type writer or a computer, it would really help if you would be using a pen and paper instead. A type writer or the irritating sound of the keyboard whenever you are typing not only distracts your partner that is sleeping but also irritates the concentration of the writer in the silence of the night. In the quiet surrounding during night time, it is much better to concentrate and focus on your writing. You even get enticed to work hard by hearing the sound outside your work place where there is peace and quiet and all you can hear are the sounds of crickets and other insects in your surroundings.

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Courtesy of Google | Source

Notify your partner

It would help if you would notify your partner that you will be a bit busy during night time. That way there would be a set expectation that you might disturb him or her a bit by working on your writing project. Aside from that, if you regularly do it on a timely manner, your partner will get used to it and eventually will not get disturbed in the long run. They will also be prepared about your work. Keep in mind that you have to consider others privacy as well during night time which is why we are focusing on your writing during night time.


A writer’s schedule depends upon their choice when they are most comfortable when it comes to working on their writing project. It is the specific time of the day when they are more productive and can generate a ton of work without disturbing others or getting disturbed. It is strictly recommended that a writer should have a set schedule so that they can focus on their writing and finishing their work.

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