To Those who Whisper and Mutter

Little children who play with matches...

are burned in the revelation

their cool toy has teeth

those who mine

near fault lines

really should look down

respect the beneath

Those who fly

and don't see the air

as a dubious ally

are blind and will fall

The sea swallows ships

makes cities dissappear

who don't respect

her might in a squal

So why do those

who peep in the spirit

think that this element is safe

do they really think

that no one cares

when they play with the will

for monies sake?

perhaps you mundane

say that this rot isn't for you

you have just as much to fear

for that which you don't see

will come knocking for payment

when your debts come due

any day.

Should man then live in fear?

Why should they?

respect the law

be merciful too

don't play with things

even if you can't see

don't ignore the teeth of power

it is element too

We live every day

in a grace

if we are in the way

a grace of a law

not a righteous sufficiency

like the Jews of Old

So look around

the intelligent world is only bound

by a creators love for you

but one day

love may show the way

that blindness may needs be lifted

by pain

then the elements you disregarded

will come looking for you.

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Nan Mynatt profile image

Nan Mynatt 5 years ago from Illinois

Great hub, keep writing.

Jaggedfrost profile image

Jaggedfrost 5 years ago Author

I shall dear Nan, it is good to see you join our numbers.

Genna East profile image

Genna East 5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

"then the elements you disregarded will come looking for you."

This line blew me away. Well done; I look forwrd to reading more.

maven101 profile image

maven101 5 years ago from Northern Arizona

Excellent prose that moves with wit and wisdom...I'm reminded of Nietzsche's observation: When you look into the Abyss, the Abyss looks back at you...Thank you for this...Larry

Jaggedfrost profile image

Jaggedfrost 5 years ago Author

Genna, and Maven it is a pleasure to know that I have given pleasure and deep reflection. thank you both for stopping by.

hillrider profile image

hillrider 5 years ago from Mid-west United States

JFrost - this can be called concise, well worded here my friend

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