Tobacco Roads.

Tobacco Roads.

They are all

one way streets

that lead to

dead ends.....

just follow the

trails of smoke

and you will

eventually find....


Scarlet blossoms,

then splotches
in the kleenex

of the dying,
like the colors

of the Marlboro packs

they consumed.

Hell is eventually


in the fiery tip,
of the last cigarette.

Trembling hands

will lie extinguished,

on the bed covers,

fingers nicotine stained

that no longer need

a filter between them.

Cheeks will

blush vermillion
as the coughing


Hacking toxic phlegm

till it's rusty from their

now failing lungs.

Pathogens will be

marked on
each lab test

in crimson,

As their world

becomes codeine
in rose colored

tube shaped glasses

for when the pain

makes them hypo.

Later morphine

will ease the

habitual pain,
as the nicotine gods
destroy all those

who worshipped,
in the smoke

of their daily
burnt offerings









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princess-sisi 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

This could be a song I loved it! You might enjoy my stuff. Check it out!

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