A Look At Self Publishing

Today I Edit and Format!!!!!!!!!

Book publishing and writing for publication is not for the timid or weak person. There is no easy path to publication. Traditional publishers require you to accept rejection. You will be rejected so many times you will wonder if there is any part of your psyche left within you! This is not an exaggeration. The sad part of it is that rejection does not mean that your book is no good. It means that you did not meet their submission guidelines, their genre, book list, etc. The reasons go on and on. Many famous authors were rejected numerous times!

There are pros and cons in favor of traditional publishing as well as in self publishing. Be warned! There are many writers who condescend to self published authors and after due consideration I believe they are a little bit right and a little bit wrong.

Self publishing in technical terms requires the writer to put on the editor's hat and view his or her work from a neutral perspective that is not often achievable. Therefore, you need a second pair of eyes to make critical changes to tweak your manuscript into a publishable work.

Some self publishers require the writer to format the entire cover and text of the book. This means that you set the margins. You set the indentions. You insert the page numbers...you get the picture? If you are not capable of doing this, and have the patience of Job, you will end up with a product you are not proud to present to the world.

After the book is in print you still have the job of marketing your treasure! There is so much to learn about marketing that you may have no time to write. All this sounds like I am against self publishing. I am not. I just completed work on a new book of which I am very proud and waiting on the proof copy before I can send my baby out into the world!

Stages of the Work Process

What happened to the margins?
What happened to the margins?
See top and bottom margin! ugh!
See top and bottom margin! ugh!
The Hawk landed on our fence while I was editing!
The Hawk landed on our fence while I was editing!
Quiet moment
Quiet moment
If only I could fly away from this editing so easily!
If only I could fly away from this editing so easily!

All Part of the Learning Process

This experience has been educational. It is not my first experience with self publishing but this time, I either know more or am more detail oriented than previously because the editing proces was a journey. I am now planning to go back and revisit my two previous books where I mean to make serious changes!

This is part of the learning process. I chose this path because I have been through the rejection process that ultimately ended in my publication of a first novel many years ago. This was accomplished with the help of an agent. I believe that without the agent I would never have been published! Period.

Last week, after two attempts to get my book right with proof copies ordered, I found another error in my formatting. My hair was standing on end! This time I not only did more formatting, I threw out the whole first chapter and wrote a whole new chapter for the middle of the book. It was a crazy week but when it was done, I cried out, " I must be a real writer because I am making drastic cuts and changes to the manuscript and the editing made the book come alive!"

This part of self publishing can make you crazy but it is worth it.

Choosing to go the traditional publisher route or self publish is really easy. Analyze your skills and decide whether you have the skills to get your book ready for publishing. If you do not have these skills you can still self publish but you will have to hire someone to edit and format your book for you. If your funds are available this is an option.

If after your analysis of your situation and skills you find yourself not up to the task, get an agent! Your chances of publication will improve 100%.

Just remember that you are in charge of your career. Always think about what is best for your career and your goals. Then march forward!

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Hendhrick 3 years ago

After read a few of the posts on your website today, and I ralely like your way of blogging. I added it to my favorites internet site list and will be checking back soon. Pls check out my internet site too and let me know what you think.

Smireles profile image

Smireles 5 years ago from Texas Author

Thank you for commenting.

htodd profile image

htodd 5 years ago from United States

Nice hub you have covered some great points

De Greek profile image

De Greek 6 years ago from UK

Yes Smireles, but how do you get an agent? Or how do you get an agent to even look at your stuff? :-))

Smireles profile image

Smireles 6 years ago from Texas Author

Thank you, Nell. I will keep writing. Marketing and selling is another thing and I do not know if I will get it right but I am going to keep on trying! Sandra

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

Hiya, wow, you are braver than me! I did write a book a few years ago, but as you said, one rejection and I gave up! I have been published in a few magazines over the years, and went mad when a poem was published! ha ha, little things... but well done and thanks for pointing me in the right direction of your hubs. cheers Nell

Smireles profile image

Smireles 6 years ago from Texas Author

Thank you, Journey! I am getting there...slowly....slowly...slowly! hahaha! It is fun though!

Journey * profile image

Journey * 6 years ago from USA

This is excellent news Smireles. Congratulations on your achievement and best of luck with the whole process!

Smireles profile image

Smireles 6 years ago from Texas Author

Thank you, Ann! This has been a rough process but I am almost there. I am so excited!

Ann Nonymous profile image

Ann Nonymous 6 years ago from Virginia

CONGRATS, Smireless!!! This is definitely exciting news. I was wondering where you have been hiding! LOL Thanks for the very nice walk through your process. Loved the pics and captions!

Smireles profile image

Smireles 6 years ago from Texas Author

Thank you all so much for your blessings! I am very happy to be coming to the end of this one. Ginn, thank you for your encouragement. I am with you. It takes a little elbow grease (metaphorically speaking) to make most things happen. Oh yes, Pamella99, you might as well dream big while you are dreaming! haha!

Tom Whitworth profile image

Tom Whitworth 6 years ago from Moundsville, WV


Bravo, and good luck in your endeavor!!!!!!!!!

Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 6 years ago from United States

Smireless, I am so happy for you! Publishing your own book is a milestone. I always wanted to do that but it seems a lofty goal. You are an inspiration to me. Good hub.

Ginn Navarre profile image

Ginn Navarre 6 years ago

Yes dear one you are right "we are all in charge of our goals and dreams" and yes it is hard work---but that is what makes it happen.

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