Today, like any other day

Sitting in the parking lot on the corner, waiting for my daughter to come out of the store I had a chance to observe humanity. 

Across the street was a gas station with a convenience store, not a national one but one of those local ones called Frank’s. The pumps were busy; people were going back and forth.

A harried mother jumps out of her van, quickly puts the nozzle into her gas tank. While she talks on a cell phone she has an animated look on her face. 

A truck driver has pulled over, he jumps out of his cab with a yellow sheet of paper in his hand, He is a young black man, about 5”8”  wearing a  light jacket. He approaches a bright red Drivers Education car that has stopped behind him; He has a puzzled look on his face. 

He is apparently asking the man in the car for directions, cars pull around him the drivers looking annoyed. 

The man turns, walks back to his 18 wheeler looking defeated. Apparently the driver couldn’t help him. 

The man sits in his truck for a minute then jumps out, heads into the store, still carrying his paper. 

I turned back towards the corner, I see older black women wisps of her gray hair blowing gently in the wind, as they escape her tightly pulled back bun. 

Her skin the color of mocha, her spirit is calm; she hurries across the street towards the stores. Her sweaters is a bright paisley, the lines on her face show the life she has lived. I imagine her mother and grandmother, a church goer. I see her in church on Sunday sitting in the pews talking and laughing with friends as her life recedes quietly to the background for a moment.

Three people are now crossing the street A couple who are carrying bags, and laughing as they hurry to beat the traffic  stepping lightly on the sidewalk, they are walking companionably, seeming to be enjoying day and having a good time. 

I see my daughter coming out of the store, she stops, for a minute and cock her head as if listening to something then looks up in the air shrugs and continues to the car. 

The day is warm; life is going on around me. I am thinking, as I watch a man cross the street with his dog, how wonderful life is, God is. 

I am going to start going back to church, I think to myself. I am going to start living my life for God, I accepted him years ago, but I didn’t really. 

I am going to rededicate my life to Him.  I will do it on Sunday, when I go to church again.  Of course I have made this promise many times, but this time I really mean it.

The car door opens as my daughter stows her purchases in the back seat, closes the back door, and opens the front to get in. 

I turn to tell her my decision, she is beginning to sit down then there is a flash: she is gone. Where???!!!!

The door is open her purse fallen to the concrete it lies on the yellow line where it as dropped next to her keys.

My mouth falls open as I look around me…the lady with the grey hair is gone: so is the couple that a few minutes ago were laughing at each other. 

The door to the truck is open, blocking the road.  The yellow sheet the driver was holding has fluttered to the ground.

People are confused; cars stand in the street without drivers. One car has plowed into the back of another.

I am in shock, I jump out of the car snatching up my daughters purse, falling to my knees I cradle it as if it is her…I know what has happened I have waited to long, my heart breaks as I realize I have been left, but I always thought I had time. 

A lady walks by me, stops looks at me.  We both know the answer to what has happened she looks at me wide eyed, in shock.

Lacking anything better to say she utters the one word that seemingly comes to mind… completely inadequate as it is…..



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