Today like many others

Today, Like Many Others

Today I went for a run. My girlfriend and I had just gotten into an argument. Yea, it was small just like every other. But today I thought about all the small arguments we've had, and I added them up......Sure today we may be fine......sure we may last longer......but when I got home from running she was in the shower......alone, after we had agreed to take a shower together. She didn't wait for me.....she didn't think to make it up to me nor make me smile again. She simply got in the shower and assumed I didn't want to shower with her anymore. When on the other hand, I was running back home thinking of what to say and how to hold her to express that I will always love her no matter what. Instead, I cried and I went to the other restroom and looked at myself in the mirror again......and again, I realized, I wasn't loved as much as I loved. I'd do anything for her, but she won't do anything for me. Because she couldn't get her way, she took a shower without me. The universe is unfair. Life, is unfair. Now a days you see teenagers pregnant and married. Settled for what they call love when really it's lust, obsession, games. A dramatic relationship that ends with a paper having to be signed for freedom. Freedom to start new, and find what they should've waited for. Sometimes I think, "How would I ever find the one if everyone these days is settling for less?" But I hope and I have faith that if she's the one for me, she's in the same spot as I am......still waiting for the one. Still looking into the mirror and realizing that she deserves better........

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SheZoe profile image

SheZoe 3 years ago from Idaho, USA

This is the saddest thing! Whenever two people come together in a relationship-it really is as though two worlds are colliding. it's traumatic and difficult to find a way to merge. if we could all learn to communicate with blaming or self pity, i think that merging would be more successful. i think you've expressed here, though-what we've all felt at one time or another. It's rough

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