Tolerance Acceptence Or Judgement

Spread the word, all is heard.

Raise your voice, it is your choice.

Express yourself, restrain yourself?

Your words are used to knock you from the shelf.

What's the difference?

The joker has a right to disregard.

The words you worked on so hard.

If they cannot tolerate.

They will try to obliterate.

You think your words have truth.

Or do you think the free speech thing is a ruse?

What is the point of continuing on?

If your words will be judged based upon.

Benefits to the reader.

Who decides benefits, is it one person or a thousand.

Does it take acceptance from high atop a mountain.

What gives you the right?

To try and tell me what I might?

Use as words to express myself.

Tolerance of dissent is quite apparent.

But here is not a place to vent.

For in here there is always the fear.

That a human being will not accept.

The very words that make you adept.

What does it say for the ones.

Who dish out judgement at the point of a gun.

When does one achieve the status.

To lower the rest of us to floor mats.

I resent censorship and idiocy.

And the lies told as if in infancy.

Tell the truth that you do not agree.

With the words spoken by me.....

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suny51 profile image

suny51 6 years ago

You said it.

KFlippin profile image

KFlippin 6 years ago from Amazon

This is really good, everyone should see it, read it, think about it . . . Rated up and awesome! :)

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