Tomorrow's Edition

Travis walks into the Kwik Star and grabs a twelve pack of beer. He is thirsty after work, but does not want to get drunk. After he steps out of Kwik Star, a huge howl erupts throughout the countryside. Travis looks around, sees nothing, then continues to walk to his Ford Windstar.

A half mile from Kwik Star, a homeless man is walking down the abandoned railroad tracks to the railroad station where he wants to spend the night. Just as he reaches the station, something strikes him and knocks him off his feet. He looks around and sees a huge half wolf and half human. His last words, "What the." Its jaw crunches on his body. When it is done, it stands up, howls, and retreats into the woods.

A child is riding his bicycle on the railroad track toward the station. He likes to meet his friends there and explore the station. They believe that it is haunted and full of ghosts. When he arrives, he slowly lowers his bike and walk by the door. He sees a mass of clothing and flesh. He turns to the side and vomits.

After he regains control, he peddles home to call the police and to direct them to the body.

Travis after another day of work walks into Kwik Star looking for that twelve pack of beer. His mind goes it's Thursday all I have to do is work tomorrow then I have Saturday and Sunday off. That means I can get completely shit faced Friday and Saturday nights and have all Sunday to recover. Sweet.

Travis arrives to his home, 567 Lone Star Lane. He opens a beer and downs it. He quickly removes his clothes and takes a shower.

Outside of Travis' house, a creature half crawls, half walks. It stops and looks at the windows. It sees the lights going off. It shakes its head and walks down the road.

Travis lies in bed watching TV. He turns his head toward the window he hears some scratching by his driveway. He figures that it is some dog walking by, so he gives it no further thought.

Joan Tallers and Allen Rivers are walking home from the movies when they hear a loud growl behind them. They stop and look. They hear another growl. They look at each other and start to run. Another growl this time closer to them.

Joan and Allen are holding arms trying to will each other to run faster. They hear the monster's breathing as it gets closer. The monster jumps and claws both Joan and Allen. Both of them are confused, the beast quickly attacks Allen and knocks his head off. As his body falls, Joan screams. The werewolf licks some of the blood of his mouth and leaps on top of Joan. A neighbor opens up the front door holding a rifle. "What's going on out there?"

All he hears is growling and bone crunching. Again he says, "What's going on out there?" He slowly walks closer to the road.

There. He sees a monster. A monster and its face is dripping red blood. He points the barrel at it and fires.

Its head explodes. The body collapses on what use to be Joan. "Margie. Call the police. I think that I killed a monster."

Inside tomorrow's edition of Hooterville Chronicle, elderly man shots head off werewolf as it was devouring a couple coming home from a movie. The movie that they were seeing was A Werewolf from London.


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