Too Sleepy

I cannot sleep, but I am oh so tired,

It’s a waiting game now, they have the truth.

Will they accept me and adapt to me?

Or will they reject me because it’s too hard to be?

How long will I wait, it is a million dollar question,

The clock is ticking and I need an answer.

My life is full of unanswered questions,

But this one I must know, I can’t let it go.

It is eating away inside me, keeping me up,

I want to know, I want to sleep,

But sleep where I am meant to be.

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attemptedhumour profile image

attemptedhumour 5 years ago from Australia

Bloody annoying isn't it, count sheep? Eat sheep? I give up.

Georgie98 profile image

Georgie98 5 years ago from UK Author

Hahaha! Yep, it is definitely that! :)

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