Too Soon (a poem)

In her prime,

So much forward left to travel.

Eyes always on the prize,

Emotions always unraveled.

Caught in a mix up

of desire and stress.

Waiting on love,

Won't settle for less.

Tearing at the seams.

Heart bleeding for something real.

Dwelling on the past,

Remembering how to feel.

Can't forget what's been found,

Hurting over what's gone.

Missing out on some potential,

Wishing for far too long.

Desperately hoping,

Love is more than a fairytale.

Giving up more as time flows on,

Believing that ship won't ever sail.

Shivering in the night.

Feeling the absence by her side.

The fight gone from her soul.

Pain she can no longer hide.

"Alone" the echoes mock.

The moon taunting her with stars.

Wish once more each night,

As hurt seeps through the scars.

Her meant-to-be is gone.

No soul-mate for her left.

Left emptily behind, forever,

All due to early death.

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nighthag profile image

nighthag 4 years ago from Australia


I really liked the flow of this, the heartbreak, the loneliness it builds with each word... a beautiful poem voting up and up

Huey19 profile image

Huey19 4 years ago from Chicago Author

So happy you enjoyed this. As much as i hate for anyone to fully grasp the hurt in this poem, im happy it reached out to you. It was an intense piece to write. Thank you for your comment and vote!

agaglia profile image

agaglia 4 years ago

"her meant to be is gone" - love that line , along with others. Nice job. It seems like alot of pain went into it, but the result is good.

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