Top 10 Best Selling and Famous Fiction Books

Top 10 Best Selling and Fiction Books in 2012

The fiction experience of last year was really something that created a lot of expectations. The year in which novels written by some of the famous writers like Yosa, Echoe, Murakami etc is passing by. A novel written by Pamuk many years ago was also published in English last year. Another novel of Roberto Bolano after his death was also published last year. The first novel of Jeet Thayil became very famous the same year. Let’s go through the 10 best novels presented before us in 2012…..

Above mentioned are details of the 10 best novels of last year. The name of the authors and the description about each of those novels are also given. The reason behind the success of those novels is also mentioned in detail. However 2012 was a year that provided us with a lot of novels and introduced some new writers.

The 10 Best Novels of 2012

1) Silent house- Orhan Pamuk

Orhan Pamuk is a world famous writer who had become well known through his novels Snow, My name is Red etc. The Pamuk’s entry to the field of writing was characterized as the ‘rising of a new star’ by John Updike. Even though ‘Silent House’ is Pamuk’s second novel, it has been published in English only now. Just like his other novels, it’s also a massive collection of precise observations that has been presented for the readers.

2) Vows of the true police man- Roberto Bolano

Roberto Bolano had become very famous through his novels named 2666, The savage detectives, The distant star, Amulet etc and his collection of poems named Romantic dogs. His latest novel is ‘Vows of the true policeman’. One of the greatest wishes of Bolano, who passed away in 2003, was to be known as a poet. But he wrote novels for the sake of his family because he didn’t want them to suffer hardships even if something happened to him. Bolano is known as one of the best writers of all time. This new novel is also a treat for his writers who came to know him through his novels 2666.

3) The dream of the celt- Mario Vargas Llosa

There are no many writers who wrote variety of writing continuously. His life as a writer is a continuous process of spectacular narrations. In his new novel named ‘The dream of the celt’, he has presented the life of an Irish rebel, Roger Casement. This work can be called a cocktail of imagination and history.

4) Prague cemetery- Umberto Eco

The semiotics expert, Umberto Echo was made very popular among the readers through his novels like ‘The name of the rose’ and ‘Foucault’s Pendulum’. Prague cemetery is the continuation of echo novels that render the mystery of precise beauty. It’s an excellent work that can be read like a thriller.

5) Bring up the bodies- Hilary Mantel

Hilary Mantel is the queen of history novelists. Bring up the bodies is the continuation of the highly celebrated book Wolf hall. It is a book that makes us experience the Hilary magic once again.

6) IQ84- Haruki Murakami

Haruki Murakami is a writer who had changed in to a cult figure through his books like Kafka on the shore, Norwegian wood etc. IQ 84 had a huge sale when published in English, just as it gained a dream success when published in the Japanese language. This long novel shows us the narrative capability of Murakami.

7) Narcopolis- Jeet Thayil

Jeet Thayil was known all over the world as a poet. His novel, Narcopolis made him eligible to reach even to the initial list of Booker prize. The novel that is narrated in the form of poetry and renders information about old Bombay has become unforgettable through the presence of many unfamiliar characters.

8) The illicit happiness of other people- Manu Joseph

Manu Joseph is a Malayali who became known through his first novel, ‘Serious men’. The illicit happiness of other people is the second novel of Manu Joseph who is an open magazine editor. It’s a novel that presents us both inner thickness and narrative accuracy.

9) The casual vacancy- J.K.Rowling

The Harry Potter series made the writer, J.K.Rowling both famous and rich. J.K.Rowling the dearest writer of children, wrote ‘The casual vacancy’ her first novel for adults. It can be called a typical English novel. The casual vacancy also created a revolution in sales when the Rowling fans started crowding into bookstalls.

10) Fifty shades trilogy- E.L.James

Fifty shades trilogy is a book that is not eligible enough to gain its position along with classy books. Its hot theme had helped it gain records in sales. According to the last year’s rates, this book has gained its position not because of its literature value, but because of its high sale rates and popularity.

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