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A Gem Discovered in A Hidden Fire: Elemental Mysteries Book 1

If you love libraries, old books, new loves and great mysteries, then you are going to love this book. I am sometimes a bit gun-shy when it comes to the crop of self-published fantasy books out there, but this one - I am so happy a friend recommended it to me. It is the first book in a new vampire series, but one with a twist to the concept of vampires that makes a difference in the whole story.

But first, I have to tell you about Giovanni. He is a man of mystery, a scholar who the young woman Beatrice has noticed coming into the library where she is an intern. He comes every day, he hardly says a word. But slowly, as we read we watch the relationship grow. Beatrice doesn’t trust easily, Gio is endlessly patient. And the lovely thing is that the author tells the story of this growing appreciation through the actions of the characters, not simply by telling us.

Beatrice is smart, Gio is beyond that description and so wonderful that you fall in love with him. The book is filled with great secondary characters who unfold as well; along with the mystery that surrounds Gio. It is a slow build, this mystery, and one that you savour along the way. It doesn’t hurt that a bit of humour gets dropped in at just the right places to put a quiet smile on your face as you read. Can’t have our characters getting too serious!

And there is just enough of the paranormal to make it interesting but not so much that it gets in the way of the real story. That is the story of Beatrice and Gio, the one that we really want to know. Along the way there are obstacles; Beatrice doesn’t trust easily, Gio has perhaps seen too much in this life. And there is more, another with a dangerous interest in Beatrice that may be more than just a casual infatuation.

Oh, and did I mention that the vampires here are a bit different from what you would expect? The series is called The Elemental Mysteries and for a good reason, for the vampires here are each gifted with an affinity for an element: earth, air, fire or water. It is this affinity that takes the book in different directions as we find out just what that affinity means, how it affects each vampires choices between the different paths they might take.

A Hidden Fire is the first of a multi-novel paranormal series, so expect a bit of a cliff-hanger ending. But even there, you can handle it because heck, the next book, This Same Earth, is already out. Again, if you love hanging out in libraries, or old books, or just plain adore romances and the paranormal, here is a sweet treat for you.

The White Rose of Nightfall by Mrs.Carla Peele

This is a very different kind of vampire story and yet still very much a love story as well. It begins as many of these stories do, with the making of a vampire. But what happens from there is where this wirter takes a very divergant path and chooses to send her characters on a voyage of discovery. That we get to tag along is just one more key to this unusual and very interesting addition to the canon of vampire lore. Here is a quick look at the basics, from our friends at

In 1800s Ireland, Rose Hennessy was on her way to a convent when her human life was ended—and her true life began, as a vampire… Vickram, head of the Clan of Kandor, sired her as a vampire, and she thought herself free of all societal conventions and her father’s stern rule. However, she soon learned that her “freedom” came with a price, and that Vickram’s God complex was stifling, almost as stifling as being forced to endure his icy, dead touch…

However, she soon established herself formidable, and rebelled, choosing for herself a mate, Connor Kelly… In his anger, Vickram forces the young lovers to do something drastic— and in so doing unearth one of Vickram’s best-kept secrets, which becomes their greatest weapon... But, perhaps the most wonderful gift they receive of all the time is when a powerful wiccan gives Rose a potion to make her pregnant… This saga sweeps not only through Rose and Connor’s lives and love, but through the lives of their hafling children, Aaron and Violet, who are special in their own way as well...

Incubus Dreams by Laurell K. Hamilton

Incubus Dreams is the twelfth book in the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series of books from author Laurell K. Hamilton. As with any book in a series, Incubus Dreams, also continues to follow the adventures of Protagonist Anita Blake. Although the book has enough reintroductions to characters and repeats of earlier storylines, I’d suggest you start at the beginning of the series (to understand the story completely) if you’re new to the series.

Anita Blake is a consultant at the Regional Preternatural Crime Investigation Unit. She is contacted by the police to help investigate what appears to be a vampire serial killer that apparently preys on strippers. She is pretty confident that none of the local vampires are responsible for this crime, but is it possible that her judgment is marred because of the obvious conflict of interest? After all, she is the lover of Jean-Claude, the city’s master vampire. Unable to get a real lead on the case, Anita does something she has never done before… She asks for help.

Hamilton has yet again proved to be a wonderful story teller and an adept writer with Incubus Dreams. Two thumbs up!

Here is an excerpt from chapter five of the novel:

“The crowd had thinned out a lot. Murder scenes take so much time out of your night. But I knew that the boys would be there, because I had the car. Nathaniel was at the table where I'd left them, but it was Jason with him, not Micah. Jason and Nathaniel were leaning so close together that their heads nearly touched. Jason's short blond hair seemed very yellow against Nathaniel's dark auburn. Jason wore a blue dress shirt that I knew was only a shade or two bluer than his eyes. His suit was black, and I knew without seeing him standing that it was tailored to his body, and probably Italian in cut.

Jean-Claude had paid for the suit, and he was fond of Italian-cut designer suits for his employees. When he wasn't dressing them like they were extras in a high-class porno movie, anyway. For a mainstream wedding, the suit worked. Jason also worked at Guilty Pleasures as a stripper, and Jean-Claude did own the club, but it wasn't that type of employment that let Jason rate designer clothes tailored to his body. Jason was Jean-Claude's pomme de sang. Jean-Claude did not think I treated Nathaniel with enough respect for his position as my pomme de sang. I had let Micah and Nathaniel go shopping with Jason for dress clothes, and I footed the bill for my two boys. It had been outrageous, but I couldn't let Jean-Claude be nicer to his kept man than I was to mine. Could I?”

'A Discovery of Witches' by Deborah Harkness

A Discovery of Witches from author Deborah Harkness is truly ingenious. Deborah has done a fantastic job at creating a world that will surpass your imagination and compel you to go on reading. Se has certainly won me as a fan with her debut novel.

Apart from being a nifty story teller, Deborah is also a history professor at the University of Southern California; and it shows in her writing style. Her book contains just as much history as it does magic, romance and suspense. Historical romances or fantasies were never really my cup of tea, but after reading Deborah’s A Discovery of Witches, I’ve taken a liking towards them!

The historical elements in the book make the story feel real. Legends and mystery combined with hard factual history makes us feel like this story could’ve really happened! This makes the book a far more intriguing read. The research that the two central characters conduct raises some very interesting questions about evolution and the complete disappearance of some species – like the living dead!

Here is a brief outline of the central plot from Booklist:

“Diana Bishop is the last of the Bishops, a powerful family of witches, but she has refused her magic ever since her parents died and, instead, has turned to academia. When a new project takes her to Oxford, she is looking forward to several months in the Bodleian, investigating alchemical manuscripts. Her peace is soon interrupted when one of the books she finds in the library turns out to have been lost for 150 years and is wanted desperately by the witch, daemon, and vampire communities—so desperately that many are willing to kill for it. But the very first creature to approach her after her discovery is Matthew, a very old vampire and fellow scholar, who seems only to want to protect her.”

Deborah comments that "This is a book about books," in the acknowledgements section of the novel; I think she has summarized the novel very well. What she hasn’t mentioned though is that is book is also very much about the love affair between a mortal woman (although she has supernatural abilities) and a sizzling hot vampire. If like the books of writers like Stephenie Meyer (author of the Twilight Series) and Anne Rice (author of The Vampire Chronicles), then you will surely enjoy Deborah Harkness’ A Discovery of Witches. 

REVIEW: Night of the Vampires by Heather Graham

Night of the Vampires from fiction writer Heather Graham is a skillfully weaved historical / paranormal novel. Graham’s done a fantastic job at incorporating real historical elements into her fictional story making the book not only believable but also riveting! Although the novel is more like a historical suspense rather than supernatural, there is enough gore and vampire fights to satisfy the craving for supernatural elements in you.

Apparently vampires live not just on human blood but also on sheer mayhem and an inexplicable urge to infect others. The book finds its perfect setting in the historical civil war. Texas Sheriff Cole Granger, and his two comrades, Cody Fox and Brendan Vincent arrive in a city full of vampires and public unrest. It is here – amidst the blood shed and gore, that Cole finds the beautiful Megan Fox who claims to be Cody’s long lost sister.

While Cole still has his own suspicions about the truth of her words he can’t help but feel an undeniable urge to protect her – not that she really needs to be protected. She is more than handy in a fight and the more they fight together, the more they seem to draw closer.

Megan and Cody are half vampires and they come to realize that their father could be the real master mind behind all the ‘outbreaks’ and ‘infections’. With Megan always sensing the presence of a shadowy figure – possibly her father – the fight now becomes a personal quest.

At President Lincoln’s request the group now has to split with Megan and Cole off to Harper’s Ferry – an unusually quiet place. Although they find sensual moments together in between attacks, Cole still has trust issues. So when the moment comes, will he readily believe her? Just blindly trust her?

The ending is rather unexpected and the events that take you there are action packed! Night of the Vampires by Heather Graham is something I would readily suggest.

Review: Angel of Vengeance by Trevor O. Munson

Angel of Vengeance by Trevor O. Munson is nothing short of compelling. Munson has done a great job at combining two different genres – that of drugs, seduction and deception and the vampire movies creating something darker and more sinister. This is the novel that inspired the TV series Moonlight.

The TV show has apparently been romanticized to make it viewable to the general TV audience, while the book retains the actual gritty plotlines and characters. Even if you are following the show, the book is a must read. It is way darker and its unrelenting pace is bound to keep you entertained!

The protagonist Mick Angel is a world-weary vampire who is also a private detective. He has his own moral code by which he lives – he doesn’t kill anyone unless they really deserve it! And since they’re dying anyway he uses them as his supply of blood. He Makes it a point not to kill women or children. It is important that he lives strictly by this code in order to keep the monster within him at bay.

His life takes a turn when a stunning red headed dancer – Reesa Van Der Cleef – approaches him for help. Mick has never been in love before but with Reesea in the picture he’s about to find out what that’s like. Mick feels more than just attraction for Reesa but knowing that he’ll only end up hurting her, he settles to helping her with her problem.

Reesa’s fourteen year old sister has gone missing. With the police having dismissed the case as a mere runaway she is desperate for help. Mick takes on the case and discovers a world of lies, deception and drugs far worse than he had imagined. As he gets nearer to the truth behind what really happened to Reesa’s sister, he realizes that he is now in too deep and that even his special vampire skills may not be enough to stop him from facing the same end as Reesa’s young sister.

The book renders its readers a startling new perspective into the human spirit. Can humans be worse than the blood sucking monsters? For at least, they have an excuse – they are vampires! More than the gritty characters though, it’s the ending that will leave you with a lasting impression. It is clever, it is dark and it is everything a great novel is supposed to be!

My Fair Succubi by Jill Myles

My Fair Succubi from author Jill Myles is the third book in the Succubus Diaries series. It narrates the adventures of Jackie, a Succubus whose being requires her to have sex every two days. You can imagine the sexual content in this book then! If you’re looking for an action packed book with generous sex scenes, then this is the book for you.

Jackie is finally happy, now that she ended things with fallen angel / Vampire Zane. For as long as she has her angel Noah she doesn’t have to worry about her colossal sexual appetite. Noah and Jackie seem to have a good thing going; she is pursuing archaeology and she is at last content with her life (that which she never thought possible.)

Soon her real life takes over and her illusions of stability start falling apart. The first sign comes with Noah proposing marriage. Although Jackie really likes Noah, she is not entirely sure if she would want to spend the rest of her immortal (that makes it even worse huh?) life with him. And even before she gets around to getting used to the idea of marriage, her best friend Remy is taken over by the demon Joachim again!

Joachim is back and this time he is as powerful, if not more, than ever. Just as Jackie and Noah rush home to help Remy, fate decides to play its hand. Jackie and Noah end up getting arrested (for their past mistakes) by the Serim Council.

Now the only way she can save herself is if she strikes a deal with the Serim Council to bring back (to the council) the halo of power that Joachim is in possession of. She is forced to leave Noah in prison as she goes out to help Remy. By a stroke of luck she ends up finding Zane (her ex-lover) and together (with a few new friends) they track down Remy to save her from the demonic possession. But now she stuck with a harder decision – golden angel Noah or dark passionate lover Zane?

Myles has sure done a fantastic job with the love triangle! You cant help but cheer for both guys. In addition to the unrelenting action and sizzling hot sex there is also a touch of humor that really keeps readers amused! My Fair Succubi is a light read that is sure to keep you thoroughly entertained!

Review: March in Country

March in Country is the ninth novel in the Vampire Earth series by E. E. Knight. The series began back in 2003 with the publication of Way of the Wolf. E. E. Knight is more popularly known for his Age of Fire series.

The stories are set in a war ravaged US in the year 2022 CE. The earth has been usurped from its citizens by an alien race called the Kurians. The Kurians are more or less immortal and their immortality is sustained by the “vital aura” or life energy they drain from other living creatures. In order to regulate this dependence on life energy the Kurians employ avatars or embodiments that are called “Reapers” who make the life energy easily available to the Kurians.

After the Kurians had seized planet Earth, many humans decide to serve these new lords and these deserters are called ‘Quislings’. They are often members of the police force or members of the government of the Kurian order while the Territorials (those that remained faithful to the human conviction) are either making a meager living as slaves in various trades or fighting the Kurian order with rebel organizations such as Southern Command.

Knight paints an astounding picture of the fictional future in each of his books. The Kurians have brought with them a dark age of both social and technological decline. There are just a few machines and transportation networks from Earth’s golden years still remaining under human control, everything else is under the Kurian control.

Some of the most sought in that civilization is the “ten year badges”. These badges are given to those who prove their loyalty and service to the Kurian lords and it protects the one wearing it from being taken by the Reapers. The only thing more valuable than the ten year badge is the “brass ring”. This protects the wearer for life. One with a brass ring never again has to worry about being arbitrarily snatched by the Reapers of the night although this privilege can be retracted and it cannot be passed on to one’s children.

There still exists human resistance and rebellion however only in small pockets. The Southern Command is a formal military, known as terrorists by the Kurian order, whose responsibility is to defend the Ozark free territory. In March in Country Major David Valentine unites friends as he struggles to find a way to stop the Kurians from settling in the area between the Ohio River and Tennessee. The novel is action packed from beginning to end as you follow David on a harrowing journey, which is the only way he can find help to fight the Kurians.

A Review: Seducing the Vampire

Seducing the Vampire is one of the most riveting vampire novels I’ve read in a while. Author Michelle Hauf has done a great job bringing together the 18th century allure and the charisma of the current era. Paranormal love stories set in the world of Kings and Queens has always been one of my favorites.

In short, the book tells the tale of Viviane LaMourette and Rhys Hawkes’s love story. Their electric union however, spells the clash between two very powerful vampire brothers – the story just keeps getting better!

The readers are first introduced to Viviane in Marie Antoinette's (the Queen of France between 1774 and 1792) Paris. A world of noblemen and ladies, horses and chariots, beautiful gowns, lavish balls and men in tight pants, powdered wigs and lace! (I cant say I love that part). Viviane is portrayed as one who is a lady as much as she is tough, beautiful and hot just as much as she is cool and unflappable (what a coincidence, it sounds just like me! :) She is a pure-blood vampires out looking for a male vampire patron, one who will be provider and protector. Her patron and his wife were recently killed.

She meets Rhys at a Ball. He is a vampire like none other she has ever met, his raw masculinity (with none of the powder and lace of the gentlemen breed) and charm sweeps her off her feet. And likewise with Rhys – he falls in love with Viviane the moment he lays eyes on her.

The problem is that there is one other man who also wants Viviane just as much our couple wants each other, and he will stop at nothing in order to possess her. Constantine De Salignac not only want to be Viviane’s gentleman patron but also wants to marry. He wants someone to bear his children (to continue his bloodline) and love is not something he understands.

Rhys is a half-vampire and half-warewolf and also Constantine’s half-brother! He doesn’t really fit in either of the groups and he is not the right man for Viviane. Although she wants him as much as he wants her she needs to look out for her best interests. Now Viviane is wooed by two feuding brothers, but she eventually falls hard for the rebel – Rhys. Although Rhys initially pursues Viviane just have revenge on his brother he eventually realizes that he really loves her.

The plot suddenly moves to the present and Rhys is seen jaded and alone… and there’s no Viviane! Apparently Constantine has had his revenge too. One lonely night at a bar Rhys hears rumors of an urban legend – of a vampires in a glass coffin deep in the catacombs of Paris. Could this be his one true love lost over 200 years ago? With renewed strength Rhys is desperate to find out.


Review: Incubus

Incubus from fantasy stories author Janet Elizabeth Jones is another passionate paranormal romance that simply never ceases to entertain. Meical Grabian is a vampire in a world where vampires are quickly becoming extinct. In an effort to save his kind from extinction he agrees to be the subject of a radical medical experiment, prepared to face its dangers. At the end of the experiment the Alchemist manages to change Meical into something else.

When Meical wakes up several months after the conversion he realizes that the experiment took away his natural thirst for blood but left him with something far worse and uncontrollable. He becomes an Incubus whose hunger can only be satisfied with intense and excessive passion. He is convinced that no woman would ever love him for what he has become. He is left cold and abandoned in the harsh, snowy woods.

Caroline Bengal finds Meical in his emotional mayhem in the woods and takes him back to her isolated cabin. Meical saves Caroline Bengal earlier on from a similar transformation but he doesn’t remember any of it. He only feels a deep seated urge to reach out to her. He only knows that he must have her by his side at all time. Her unsophisticated beauty attracts the beastly hunger for passion in him, which he’s been trying so desperately to keep at bay. Pretty soon, Meical unable to control his urge no longer begins seducing her in her dreams as she slept.

Caroline on the other hand experiences a similar turmoil. She cant understand her apparent attraction to Meical and is constantly battling an obsessive need to help him. To add to this overwhelming strain, there is someone else who wants Caroline just as badly as Meica does, but for reasons far more sinister. It seems that this predator will go to any length to have her… even kill her if necessary. He must do everything he can to keep her alive but will she feel the same way about him if she were to ever discover Meical’s true intentions?

The novel’s strengths lie in the opposing interpersonal chemistry between Meical and Caroline. The life threats certainly add an intriguing twist to the gripping plot line. Not only is the book entertaining but it also brings deep feelings of wonder as we try to figure out if Meical’s feelings for Caroline are truly heart felt or merely a result of the chemical transformation.


Review: Ascension

Ascension the latest novel by author Caris Roane sure is addictive. No matter how familiar the characters (I’ve read similar characters and storylines a million times before!) or how clichéd the plot, there is still that mysterious affinity for such storylines that make you keep reading. Here’s what the New York Times bestselling author Lara Adrian had to say about the book: “Sexy, cool, edgy romantic fantasy…Prepare to be enthralled”.

The book narrates the life of Alison Wells, a six foot professional therapist. Alison has given up on intimate relationships with the opposite sex after realizing that any guy she makes love to ends up seriously injured; the last guy she slept with ended up in the Emergency Room.

In Roane’s fictional world there are several dimensions to Earth. The first dimension is, of course as we know it, that of the mortal man. The next dimension is called Second Earth and so forth. The other dimensions are not accessible to normal folk; they can only be accessed when you are called upon for ascension – closely reminiscent of our mortal earthly video games. One can only enter second earth when a higher power calls you to it (similar to our fancy “clubs”). Roane deals only with the two dimensions – mortal earth and second earth – in this novel although she has implied that future books may delve deeper into the other dimensions.

The saga begins with Alison giving up her career to do her PhD. Alison has special powers and they are the reason she is unable to have any intimate relationships. She has a vision of a very handsome man flying overhead with mighty wings like angels. She starts developing strong feelings for this unknown man.

We later find out that this angel like man, Kerrick, is a Vampire warrior who is a guardian of ascension. He is avowed to protect Alison from the death vampires who crave her powers.

These death vampires are out to rule mortal and second earth. Their leader Draven Graeves has been posing as one of Alison’s clients through her practicing years in order to get close to her. Death vampires suck a human to death in order to gain their power and asset.

 Kendelle is known to be one of the most powerful ascendant in centuries and he, along with the warriors of blood and 7 guardians of the ascendants kill these death vampires in order to protect mortal earth. There is a battle for the asset between the death vampires and Endelle’s band of good guys every time someone is called to ascend. Alison is now the most powerful mortal to be called to ascend in centuries, and they both want her!

Must read Fantasy book - ‘House of Night’ series by P.C. and Kirstin Cast

I can’t speak for everyone out there, but I’d be very surprised if my mother and I can bake cookies together without disagreeing – let alone writing books! Kudos to the mother-daughter team! (P.C. and Kristin Cast) – authors of the latest fantasy thriller series: House of night.

Like many of the other teenage fantasy books, the House of Night series tells the story of a group of teenagers who transform into vampires and their journey there on, while attending a special school.

The book at a glimpse may sound like just another vampire story but it offers something unique, especially to the locals of Tulsa who are now ardent fans of the series. The setting for the plot is in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In ‘Awakened’, one of the books of the series, the Rogers High School Basement is the headquarters for a group of characters also warmly referred to as the Dungeon by the real students and faculty of Rogers High. P.C. Cast had been fascinated with Rogers High ever since she toured its art deco structure, which eventually leads to the authors’ integrated creation. The fact that the books are set in their hometown helps students like Ashley McCumber envision the tale while reading it.

The School’s English Department has since incorporated the first book of the series, ‘Marked’, in its freshman syllabus. "The students we have geared it toward have become lifelong readers. They can't wait for her books," said Ronda Garrison the Chairwoman of the English Department.

Some of the other famous Tulsa sites adopted in the book series are: the Monte Cassino School, Utica Square, the Philbrook Museum and the Gilcrease Museum.

The protagonist of the series, Zoey Redbird, is portrayed as one coming from a broken family which is another aspect that most teenagers today are able to relate to. The books not only offer adventure and buzz but also a realistic recount that makes it easy for the readers to identify with the world created by P.C. and Kristin Cast. "The suspense and the fact that everything changes" is what makes the books irresistible to Mariah Mackey, a senior at Rogers High.

The mother-daughter duo signed more than a 100 copies and answered questions at the now famous Rogers High School. Their original plan of writing 12 books in the series is now unclear. "I'm just going to write the story," said Cast.

Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

This is the first book in the Southern Vampire Mystery book series and the basis for the True Blood TV series. In this book we're introduced to Sookie Stackhouse, a lovable telepathic waitress who falls in love with a vampire.

Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton

This is one of the first vampire books I read in which the lead character is not a vampire, but is instead a female woman.

When this series first came out Anita Blake was fierce. She had a kick butt, take-no-prisoners attitude which I loved. Later in the series her character changed quite a bit but Hamilton has now returned Anita to her roots.

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The All Souls Trilogy has got to be one of the best vampire books I have ever read. I can't wait until the release of the third and final book. I'm glad to find the trilogy on this list.

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