Top 10 books for teenage girls

All the books in our list of top 10 books for teenage girls are very good. To pick the perfect one, for a girl, try to match the teen's personality to the book.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is a 4 part series. To the right we have a link to the box set and one to the first book, in the series.

The Sisterhood books are a bench mark for all teen coming of age stories. In the first one the girls are 15. The writer gives her characters the problems and sensibilities of 15 year old girls. In many books about the same subject, girls are far wiser than teenage girls in fact are.

In the book the girls are each experiencing different challenges and aspects of their personalities. The characters do not remain flat, they develop through their experiences and decisions. I would recommend these books for all teenage girls.

Pride and Prejudice

Arguably the greatest of Jane Austen's masterpieces Pride and Prejudice is a sharp and witty comedy set in 19th century English society. It is a very different world to the one we know, but there is still a lot you can take away from the book.

At it's core Pride and Prejudice is about how men and women fail and succeed in love and society.


Twilight is a lighter read than most of the books here. It made it to the top 10 becaust it's very, very popular with teenage girls. It does manage to get teens excited about reading and that's an accomplishment in it's own right.

Twilight is about a young girl named Bella who moves to a town called Forks and finds herself in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen. Edward isn't a traditional vampire, he feeds on animal blood and when sunlight hits him he sparkles. A vampire who doesn't abstain from human blood takes and interest in Bella and Edward has to save her.

The Boy Next Door

Most of Meg Cabot's books are written for teenagers and she has become very good at writing for them.

This screwball comedy was written for slightly older teens. The heroine Mell Fuller is a fun, interesting and strong but not perfect.

The novel is written in the format of emails. At first I was skeptical about the choice, but Meg Cabot has made it work.

The Truth about Forever

This book is by Sarah Dessen a notable author of stories for teenage girls. Her genius lies in taking a simple story line and bringing it to life with interesting characters.

The Truth About Forever is about sixteen-year-old Macy, who's father recently died. Her mother, who is dealing with her own pain, shuts Macy out. To hide her problems Macy tries to live a perfect life. The characters and events in her life teach her that seeking perfection isn't the answer.

Looking for Alaska

This is the story of a high school junior, Miles Halter, who beg's his parents to enroll him in the prestigious Culver Creek boarding school. Miles hopes that the change of school will bring him popularity and happiness. At his new school he learn many things, including how to accept himself and his odd new friends. I found John Green's writing style to be very enjoyable and his storyline and characters entertaining.


The Uglies is different from the other books in the top 10 list. It's a trilogy that explores a future in which everyone is beautiful. They achieve this by having a medical procedure at age 16. Before that age they are called: The Uglies. Our heroine is turning 16 and she has doubts about undergoing the procedure. She explores the effects of the procedure to a person's body and mind. The Uglies is the kind of book you just can't put down.

Number the Stars

Number the Stars is set in Denmark during world war 2. It tells the story of Annemarie Johansen. We join her as she worries about her Jewish friend being captured by the Nazis.

In this tale, through Annemarie's experiences, we explore friendship, family and evil.

This is an incredible book, one which every teenage girl should read.

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

The is the story of an impoverished teen growing up on an Indian reservation. She faces off against bullies, racism and her father's alcoholism. Having said that the books will make you laugh and teach you a thing or two about the life of modern day Indians.

Thirteen Reasons Why

This very compelling book is about a teen boy who receives a box of audio tapes from a girl he had a crush on. After she committed suicide. It's about how we treat ourselves and each other. All teen girls should read this book.

If you enjoyed top 10 books for teenage girls you should also read best books to read to children and best books for 12 year old girls.

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Everyday Miracles profile image

Everyday Miracles 3 years ago from Indiana, USA

The Divergent Trilogy. Four is such an amazing hero, but Tris is such a strong heroine. . . Great series for teen girls who need an example of a strong female protagonist!

Jenny 4 years ago

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian is about z boy. I read it. It's teally good.

She-Who-must-Be-Named 4 years ago

you forgot 7 books:

Harry Potter and the philosophers stone

Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets

Harry Potter and the prizioner of Askaban

Harry Potter and the Golet of fire.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood-Prince

Harry Potter and the DEATHLY HALLOWS!!!! (best ending ever!!!)

To me twilight sucks and it is a horcrux that needs to be destroyed.

dkm27 profile image

dkm27 5 years ago from Chicago

Since I teach teen reluctant readers, I am lucky enough to have access to great YA novels. Sherman Alexie has hooked my most reluctant guy readers. I must sent him a note. My girls love 13 Reasons Why Great list!

jessica 5 years ago

Some great books to read are, fatal flaw by gena gray, white oleander by janet fitch, the outsiders, and go ask alice.

boblina mcharrington 5 years ago

this is not helpful AT ALL!!! it doesn't intrigue u at all and i BET THAT THEY DON'T CARE WAT U R SAYING SO Y BOTHER WRITING ON THIS STUPID ABNOXTIOUS SITE!! Thank You have a nice day

abigail jane 5 years ago

I read my sisters keeper by jodi picoult and loved it! My friend put my books in my kindle for me so I don't really know what's in it but u found 2 more books by jodi picoult on it...the pact and 19 minutes, both are amazing I really recommend then, also the lullaby and let's get lost. I love loads of books, just looking for something new to sink my teeth into. Love the film the lovely bones so going to read that and also 13 reasons why because everybody seems to be raving about it :)

Hannah 5 years ago

if you haven't read harry potter READ IT!!!!! when i read

the first book i couldn't put it down!!!!!!! i was reading it as much as i could!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah 5 years ago

i wanna read twilight

Maddie 5 years ago

These books sound awesome. Another REALLY good book is elsewhere, it's an amazing book and I couldn't put it down!

warrior 5 years ago

One of my all time favorite books, I could not put it down; Boys, Bears and a Serious Pair of Hiking Boots by Abby McDonald.

Becca 5 years ago

I highly recommed The Help. It has the same ideas and lessons about racism that To Kill Mockingbird does, but the main characters are 3 women. I found it much more relatable. I think it is a book that every girl should read.

Burcu 5 years ago

Why would you want to read books that are upsetting and sad? Most books from that collection aren't very sweet and happy are they? = / If people read happy books then they would have nice thoughts so therefore bad things won't happen in life. Life is beautiful but it's beauty is sometimes overshadowed ; this is something we must prevent because remember, once a man has and acts with a pure thought, happiness will follow. : )

sarah 5 years ago

All these books r really good! Ive read most of them. I do agree that twilight is a bit overrated. Though the host by stephenie meyer is very thought provoking & is 1 of the best books. Also anything by nicholas sparks, north of beautiful, sarah dessen book, & before i die by jenny downham. Hope this helps! :)

Amy 5 years ago

I'm 14 and have been known to read books that are generally recommended for older readers;

some books that I found really good are:

Monkey Taming-Judith Fathallah

Beautiful Malice-Rebecca James

Nicholas Dane-Melvin Burges

Anything by Sophie Mcenzie, particularly 'Blood ties'

13 Reasons Why-Jay Asher

My Sisters Keeper-Jodi Pilcout

Dear John-N/A

Anything by Liz Rettig

Summer Cool-Kate Petty

Before I Die-Jenny Downham

isabelle mae 5 years ago

I TOTALLY recommend the hunger games series! Its so AWESOME!

I'm not really a bookworm. But when I started reading this book I loved it! Its was so NICE!

amy 5 years ago

Best book are pretty little liars. They are amazing

Tessa M profile image

Tessa M 5 years ago

Great article. I've read some of the books on the list but I will definitely have to check out the others!

wysvwuyvdwyd 5 years ago

I read a lot of books,so hears some I really liked

1) The Private series-Kate Brian

2) Gossip Girl-Cecily von Ziegesar

3) Jane Eyre-Charlotte Bronte

I just loved the Private series,it's so interesting. :)

dani 5 years ago

so im like 12 but i REALLY LOVE all of the house of night series books its so amazing! ive read them all :) i deff recommend them and

-boy heaven by lauren kasischke

-forever by judy blume

i really like nicholas sparks, meg cabot, and sarah dessen too!!!!!

Miikkaa 5 years ago

Hmm... Thanks for this list! I am 12, but I like to read these kind of books... I have read the 'Twilight (by Stephenie Meyer' series (nice, light read, but don't go looking from that prospective - really shallow) and 'Pride and Prejudice (by Jane Austen)' (it was quite good, but some bits were too slow - maybe I should read it again when I'm older?), but not the others. I have heard that '13 Reasons Why (by Jay Asher)' is a good, emotional book, but I'm not too sure about it... Maybe it's too... "mature". I have read all 'The Hunger Games (by Suzanne Collins)' and 'Harry Potter (by JK Rowling)' series, and also all the Gallagher Girls ('I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have To Kill You (by Ally Carter)' series) books so far, and I've just finished Sophie McKenzie's Blood Ties and it's sequel, Blood Ransom. These books are really good as they are romantic as well as following two children's search to find themselves (they discover in the first book that they are... oops, can't say - it'll ruin the story!). I am currently in the middle of the Time Riders (by Alex Scarrow) series. If anyone has any other books that they think might be good to read, please suggest! Oh, and I've read most of Meg Cabot's books. Also, I think the "Good Books For 12 Year Old Girls" is a bit too young for me! Thanks for any help!

* v * 5 years ago

Thirteen Reasons Why is a great book, for me, maybe because I also thought about suicide? haha, but I wont do it don't worry. :)) I can totally relate w/ her.

I would highly suggest Hunger Games Trilogy. I have ready so many boooks and I'm inlove with this.

About Twiglight?? I don't like this book. It's too shallow for me. Especially when I saw the movie, everybody was actually excited to watch this. That I expected too much and it didn't reach my expectations. Bella there in the book is weak. Unlike in Hunger Games, Katniss, has a very strong personality, which i guess all girls should have.

Leslie 5 years ago







5 years ago

just finished reading 13 reason why an amazing book with powerful messages I really enjoyed it and agree that all teen girls should read it.

stella 5 years ago

I am shocked some of you don't like the Twilight series. I am totally in love with that book.I just can't bear to put it down.

Well thanks for the list.I will surely read the others.

lea416 profile image

lea416 5 years ago

Thirteen Reasons Why was one of the best books I have ever read and I completely agree with you that girls should read it!!!!!!!

lalalander 5 years ago

pride & prjudice, uglies and sarah dessen books some of my favourites.

although it's been mentioned once before, if i stay by gayle forman is one of the BEST BOOKS EVER!

and also books by melina marchetta such as: on the jellicoe road, looking for alibrandi, saving francesca, the pipers son finnikin of the rock are REALLY GOOD (although i didn't think the piper's son was as good as its prequel)

5 years ago

I would defo recommend the house of night series by Pc and Kristin Cast It's about vampires much better than twilight even tho I do adore twilight (which got my older sister into reading books which she never did before).

I also agree that holes is a great book tho I must correct the person who said it was based on the film where actually it is the other way around

The boy in the stripped pyjamas is a shocking and beautifully written book tho it may not be just for girls and involves the holocaust from a child's view so be aware that some things are shocking and upsetting.

professor zaz 5 years ago


lol I absolutely ADORE the fact that pride and prejudice is on here though, I must admit I LOVE pride and prejudice and think that ALL teen girls should read it. I'm defo getting "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" the reviews online seem great!! :D

jGaunt profile image

jGaunt 5 years ago from London Author

The picture is from

trusouldj profile image

trusouldj 5 years ago from Indiana

Curious about where the photo of the young lady reading the book came from. Really like it a lot.

Horserider  5 years ago

Books that are total must reads for teen girls:

1.) Choker by Elizabeth Woods

It's a chilling tale of a girl who can't get a long at school, but when her best friend Zoe arrives at her house one night, it changes everything.

2.) The Private Novels, by: Kate Brian

This is a series about a teenage girl Reed Brennan who transfers to Easton Academy and finds many surprises. Very suspenseful.

3.) Hush, by Eishes Chayil

A story about a girl who is haunted in her dreams by her best friend, does not sound exciting, but is an amazing read

hus 96 5 years ago

hi.. im 20 years n im readin buks from the age of 11 years.. i read at least a minimum of 2 books a week if possible. if u want 2 read buksz.. u shud read SIDNEY SHELDON books.. THEY ARE BEYOND AWESOME..

Alicemefret 5 years ago

the books Iv read are amazing. THey are:

The Host- Stephine Meyer(the beginning brags but the ending it cool. Much better than Twilight.)

Fallen- Laurn Kate ( truelly beautiful, romantic and has awesome action parts.)

Harry Potter- J.K Rowling ( I agree with ALL the other H.P fans ,that's how you write a book.)

The Series of Unfortunate Events- Lemoney Snickit( the beginnings might be sad but just keep reading.)

Twilight series- stephine Meyer( If you want to read the Total Obvios, sure read that, not like most people have not. i don't recommened it.)

Jessica 5 years ago

My "#1 Must Read" for teenage girls is North of Beautiful by Justina Chen Hedley. Aboslutely amazing. The main character is very realistic and goes through the same struggles with image as most young girls, making her a great role model. By the end of the book the idea of "beauty" that is portrayed by media and society is replaced with the knowledge that no one is perfect, but everyone is beautiful.

Another great thing about this books is that it deals with other struggles as well. Overcoming mental/emotional abuse, how to stand up for yourself, and going after what you want/deserve.

Jessica 6 years ago

A number one must read for all girls AND guys: The Hunger Games, all three books. If any of you have already read it, please recommend that book, as well. I never in a million years thought that I would like a science-adventure book. Now, I love it. Seriously, it's a great book, and a great series if you looking for a few books to read.

lily 6 years ago

I love books and have read lots of the books on the list -- I recommend Number the Stars and LOVE Meg Cabot, she is a great author and has so many books. Last summer I read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, it is absolutely the best book I have ever read. I would recommend it to everyone in search of a good book (age range 11 plus), also I like the book Jane Eyre, and also i plan to read Pride and Prejudice. My mom is an English teacher and she absolutely loves that book, she loves Jane Austen and I think I will too. I have never read the Twilight series but my friends are in love with them, some people think they're overrated, I'm not sure what the general opinion of them is? I'd recommend these books for anyone. Also Harry Potter is a must read, and The Secret Garden, cause if you don't read those you won't be fully educated.

Emma 6 years ago

I highly remcomend the Hunger games series!

Also, "Before I fall" is a VERY good book. It really made me realize that tomorrow might not be garanteed.

The gone series is also a good one! it is really a MUST READ series of 3 books. It really had me hooked.

The Uglies was also a very good book. I have yet to read the other books but the Uglies was very very good.

I also love Sarah Dessen, she is deffiantly one of my favorite authors.

& if you havn't read the Harry Potter series by now, it's A MUST READ! I am a total Harry Potter freak & i wish I could erase The Harry Potter books out of my mind so I could read them all over again!

Puppy Lover 99 6 years ago

I'm eleven,I've read "I'd tell you I love ,but then I'd have to kill you".I LOVED IT! Recommend Just for You to Know.I cried a lot during it.

Elizabeth C 6 years ago

I love Twilight (brecking dawn is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

6 years ago

A really good book is I am number four and the movies ocming out Febuary 18, 2011. This book is realllyyy good. Also the maze runner is ok but not as good!

Perspn 6 years ago

OmG. im a fat whore and i eat walruses for lunch. All those books are for nerds. I mean twiight? god get a life u fuckin idiot pppl. The world is made 99.9% of morons these days!!! JESUS CHRIST... and yes i am using the lord's name in vain.

Sarah Writes profile image

Sarah Writes 6 years ago from California

Even though I am not a teenage girl I still am a big Sarah Dessen fan, always nice to see her books making someones must read list! Haven't read 13 reasons why, a little nervous to, seems like a tear jerker! Take care

Sanchita 6 years ago

Among all these books I hv only read the twilight saga and it is just amazing.. I just love it..........

Ashleigha 6 years ago

I definitely recommend Thirteen Reasons Why! But just a warning: IT WILL MAKE YOU CRY!!! But it is still written beautifully and is a truly amazing book! I adore the main character Clay!

Two other books that I read that will make you cry are: If I Stay by Gayle Forman and Hold Still by Nina LaCour. Both deal with loss and the emotions that come with it.

Also, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE Shiver and Linger by Maggie Stiefvater! They are my favorite books of ALL TIME!!! It is a werewolf-human romance that is about protecting the one you love!

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margarot Stohl is another good book that you must read! I have not yet finished the second book Beautiful Creatures but so far it is amazing!

Also Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick is another good book. One of the main characters, Patch, is a fallen angel which i thought was very intriguing.

The City of Ember is another amazing book! I read in book club at school and we all loved it!

I also highly recommend the author Ameilia Atwater Rhodes! Ameilia wroter her first book, In The Forests of the Night(which i awesome!), when she was like 14!

The Hunger Games series is also a very good read. The main plot is kind of sickening because they make children from the ages of 12 to 17 fight to the death, but it was still very intense.

North Of Beautiful by Justina Chen Hedley is a very good book as well. It is one of my favorites:).

Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn, Nightshade by Andrea Cremer, and Low Red Moon by Ivy Devlin are three books that are good if you like books about werewolves! Raised by Wolves main character is a human that is literally raised by werewolves. Unlike most stories with weak women as main characters, Bryn shows how strong and independent she really is as she tries to figure out all the secrets her werewolf family has really kept from her. Nightshade by Andrea Cremer involves werewolves, but also has a lot of magic and creatures of mythical legend, like the succubus. Low Red Moon by Ivy Devlin is a murder mystery as well as a paranormal romance!

I have just started Looking For Alaska by John Green and so far i think it is pretty good as well!

There are sooooo many more that i could recommend but i think this is a good start!!!

Who cares  6 years ago

You MUST read the Harry Potter series because they rock!!!!! I don't like the Twilight saga at all ...the books suck!! I heard Hunger Games is a really good book too

poppyspiker17 6 years ago

I haven't read many of these books but here are some that i recommend:

the boyfriend list- e.lockhart

the boy book - e . lockhart

the treasure map of boys - e. lockhart

(read in that order. love these. i can relate so much to them)

whispers from the dead - joan lowry nixon

deliver us from evie - cant think of the author...

walk two moons - ?

absolutely normal chaos - ?

Soory i cant think of authors right now. hope i helped (:

njgirl1999 profile image

njgirl1999 6 years ago from Mahwah, NJ

Omg all these books are great they all r my fav too but i like


Thriteen Reasons Why


Little Woman

The Lovely Bones

And.... Hearts At Stake

Jesssssss :) 6 years ago

I am defo going to read some of these books. I think the Noughts and crosses series, Malorie Blackman, should be on here, they are the best books I have ever read! :):)

Christine 6 years ago

I'm really into this seiries right now. It's only two books. The first one is called Hush, Hush the second one is called Cresendo.

Blake  6 years ago

Has anyone read Love Throough the Eyes of a Sixteen Year Old

Lovely 6 years ago

I Am Sooo Amazed That No One Has Mentioned It Yet,


The First Book- Noughts And Crosses Is Amazing. I Like Cried At The End Of The Book. I Highly Recommend It Too, Not Only For Teens But For Adults Too :)

Astrogurl 6 years ago

All these suggestions r great! Thnxx girls!!!

Lexie 6 years ago

Thirteen Reasons Why is by far my favorite book. I read it in a very dark time in my life, and it made me realize just how lucky I am. Everyone, not just girls, should read that book.

I, on the other hand, don't approve of twilight on here. It doesn't teach girls anything other than true love is all about attraction (which it isn't). That book made me feel shallow and one dimensional. The most that series does for you is make you go brain dead. Stephanie Meyer's The Host was so much better, really makes the mind tic in order to understand what is going on.

As for the Uglies, I loved that series up until the third book. I thought it was just getting a little boring after that, though I must mention I read it when I was 14. The first one, however, was GREAT, definitely worth a read.

Banana 6 years ago

Twilight sucks. It should be NOWHERE near this list.

Crazy Donkey 6 years ago

Great list, my favourite out of them is definiteley twilight!

$$$$$$ 6 years ago

I have read a few of these books when I was 11 and I loved them I'm about to start reading the uglies sereies I'm also in the middle of the house of night series

mary 6 years ago

I HIGHLY SUGGEST :ella mental and the good sense guide by amber deckers!

jamil1201 profile image

jamil1201 6 years ago

I think that all these books are awesome! I read Number the stars & Twilght, New Moon, and Eclipse

profile image

flip_flop_caitlin 6 years ago

I like some of your suggestions except the pants book, hate it, but as a teenage girl i find myself more interested in books like The Hunger Games ( my favorite books series of all time, cant wait for the movie.!) i also love vampire books, twilight, vampire academy, vampire diaries, the sookie stackhouse series, and a gazillion more, I see someone said The great and terrible beauty,rebal angels, and the sweet far thing, im glad someone reconizes those books, out of all my friends and family no one has heard of that book series, im actually reading the series for the 4th time, but its a great book set back in 1895 about a 16 year old girl trying to figure out who she is, along with powerful magic that gives her visions and the power to control the realms. i would suggest it to all teen girls...

Lauren 6 years ago

I've read everything from brave new world to harry potter to I'd tell you I'd love you but then i'd have to kill you, and i'm just going to say that you have left out some of the best books I have EVER read. And i've read many.

I have read every kind of book out there, and my favorite seems to be the romance/mystery/magical type. I highly suggest any of the books bellow;

-The Sweet Far Thing

-The Harry Potter series

-A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

-A great and terrible beauty

-Rebel angels

-The Uglies

-Vampire academy

-Little women

-The hunger games

-The Devils Arithmatic

-The lovely bones

And soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many more!!!!!!!

RIZITA 6 years ago

Guys I don't know what you think but CHICKEN SOUP is one of the best...Here you get tips on almost everything- boys, fashion, love, friendships...


sarah 6 years ago

good list but if your looking at teens i would DEFINITELY say the house of night series, by pc and kristen cast

mekaider profile image

mekaider 6 years ago from Minnesota

Twilight is amazing! my best friend pretty much MADE me read it, so im like fine, but ive pathetically read all 4 books like 5 times lol I like The Host also by stephenie meyer even more. always makes me cry. wonderful book though

Chelsea 6 years ago

Oh no...Twilight is horrible. Sexist, cliché, and just awful. I'm 13 and even I know that! All of my friends love it though, and now they're totally brain dead. Why you would want to instill the desire for an abusive relationship in a teenage girl, I have no idea.

laura 6 years ago

Have you ever read any Tamora Pierce books. Her series are really good. The immrotals, Totall series are epic. Quite easy to read to and they change up the characters in each mini series but they're all set in the same world just at different times. Most of them have some mention of where the characters from previous eras are now too. Like it starts off with four books main character Alana. then Daine is the next four. But she meets a grown up Alana and becomes friends with her. then in the next four we see them both as grown ups and then the next two which are my ultimate favourites. Trickers choice and queen we see Alana's daughter. It's like you can watch generations go by and see how their lives impact each other's. I loved them when I was younger.

booksweety 6 years ago

omg i was just looking for great books to read i am very glad i came across thins list because all of these books sound miraculous....I can't wait

6 years ago

i disagree with twilight being on the list which isn't actually that good. But i love 13 reasons why

akanksha 6 years ago

i am and there are many other books that one must read


little women



heaven eyes

i'mjustlikethat.(: 6 years ago

Well, i'm not nerdy. But i deff. Like these books you got picked out here ; I would put the gossip girl Sequel as well. Just a heads up . (: it's a perfect. T-E-N.(:

profile image

natasha_kerridge 6 years ago from thornlie

i think the best series would have to be the Obernewtyn chronicles written by Isobelle carmody. although not all of the books have been published, they are the best. its about talented misfits who try their best to become equal in the community. but before that can happen, the rebellion must take place.

srinivas s 6 years ago

yep...chetan bhagat rocks!

Maya 6 years ago

I think that the Hunger Games are really good books!

Andrea 6 years ago

PERFECT CHEMISTRY by Simone Elkeles is THE BEST LOVE STORY BOOK I HAVE EVER READ. 13 reasons why is amazing too!

Rachel 6 years ago

13 Reasons Why is absolutely amazing!! If you like that book you would also like these becuse my friends,sister, and I all love these too!! :)

Lucas-Kevin Brooks

The Summer I Turned Pretty-Jenny Han

Rules of Attraction-Simone Elkeles

Perfect Chemisrty- Simone Elkeles

MSPEAR 6 years ago

13 Reasons Why is my favorite book ever!

profile image

heatherhale2007 6 years ago

I have to agree with you about Pride and Prejudice. It is definitely Jane Austen's greatest work! =) Great list of books!

Happy One 6 years ago

What about the Notebook & the Note book by Nicholas Spark ? Those are really good too !!

Sophie Marie :) 6 years ago

Im 15 and I will definitely check out a few of these books. I have just The Sky Is everywhere (about a girl whose sister has just died, and how she begins to fall in love while grieving. VERY beautiful book. Cried a lot.) I would also recommend the Girlfriend Fiction Books. They are really good, a collection of books written by a selection of amazing authors for teens. I am in the middle of Ten things I hate about me by Randa Abdel- Fattah (about a muslim teenage girl living in australia, hiding her real identity from her school friends.) Its pretty good so far, but I wont put it on the highly recommended list just yet. :) Will update soon :P

Desiree  6 years ago

I highly recommend The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It is a great coming of age story about a teen boy who first experiences falling in love. He is an awkward high schooler, but is accepted for that. He is also learning how to deal with his issues of abuse and loss.

The Hunger Games is amazing as well. The first book is a mix of Lord of the Flies and 1984 but for today's generation. The series (3 in all) is about a dictatorship, reclaiming freedom, revolution, propaganda, being manipulated, etc. It also has a great love triangle!

If I Stay is a sad but special book. It is about a teenage girl who loses her family in an accident. She is in a coma. She revisits her past and speculates her future and realizes she needs to make a decision to live or die.

Graceling. This is a good fantasy book with a great love story. Unlike Twilight and some other teen paranormal romances, this book has a strong female character (unlike the pathetic Bella).

shadowkissed10 6 years ago

wat about the vampire academy books...der AMAZING..

maria 6 years ago

i suggest chicken soup for teenage soul is good too

Han101 6 years ago

here is a list of my favourite books that i think would appeal to most teenagers:

-jodi picoult-my sisters keeper

-mary higgins-clark-two little girls in blue

-the magic faraway tree-enid blyton

-mr meddles muddles-enid blyton

-my scary fairy godmother-rose impey

-scarlet-meg cabot

-tales of a forth grade nothing-judy blume

-twilight series-stephanie myer

-the short second life of bree tanner-stephanie myer

-second helping-jessica darling

-sloppy firsts-jessica darling

-soynya sons-what my mother dosent know

-once apon a heroine-alison cooper-mullin

-expecting the unexpected-mavis jukes

-the secret life of amanda k. woods-ann cameron

-ella enchanted-gail carson levine

-if only you knew-rachel vail

that's it for now if i read any more great books i shall add them!

han101 6 years ago

some good books i have read:

- how to be popular- meg cabot

-the simple gift-stephen herrick

-add more later

Vicky 6 years ago

The Twilight saga are the only ones ive read out of that list itnot that don't like other books i love reading i just cant find out the type of book i want!

Rina 6 years ago

Thanks for the list! It's very useful!

One correction; For "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian" the main character is a guy, not a girl. But it is an amazing book still!

Joss 6 years ago

Thanks a lot for this. I was looking for some new books before school, and i thought i read them all but i guess not.

P.S. the Uglies was AWESOME!!

kendra 6 years ago

through looking for alaska was kinda boring. Some good books I've read were Lolita Secret Of My Hollwood Life Drama High Series and Main Squeeze : D

Kaylor 6 years ago

if you like the books above you should also read the bar code tattoo. Its really good!!!!!

emily  6 years ago

Most of my friends and other sites Ive seen recommend reading 'Thirteen reasons why' saying its a must for teenage girls and one that will make you think about yourself differently but I really found it quite annoying. Maybe its because I think suicide is selfish especially over something so fickle. But maybe I'm wrong and just interpreted it wrong but I really just didn't understand why you would kill yourself over something that you could change and fix so easily. ohwell all the other books are amazing !

D_michelle73 profile image

D_michelle73 6 years ago from Ontario canada

I am not a teen age girl anymore, but I still read some of the books mentioned above. I loved the Mortal Instruments, I also liked the trilogy from Christopher Pike "Thirst" its not just a vampire book it teaches theology and how it changed over the centuries and how the human race is the slowest evolving species in the universe and the unbalance of good and bad. Truly, a book need for today's teens and its not dummied, teenagers can read and are intelligent to understand today's challenges in the world.

kst 6 years ago

ok if you want a good book try.

1.Holes- about younge prisners digging holes and escaping. based on the movie holes.

2.ok this one may sound childish but, goose bumps. most of them are really light readers and to me, kinda interesting. i love when an author uses real imagination. goose bumps has slot of that.

Missy M 6 years ago

I haven't read mostly any of those books, but some books that people NEED NEED NEED NEED to read, and literally NEED to read are

1. The Mortal Instruments series (Cassandra Clare)

2. Harry Potter series(J. K. Rowling)

3. The Vampire Academy series (Richelle Mead)

4. The Night World seriers (L. J. Smith)


Kylah 6 years ago

Three books girls ABSOLUTLY need to read in life. Im a thirteen year old girl, I would know

1. I'd Tell You I Love You, but then I'd have to Kill You

2. The Cinderella Society

3. And Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys

aidygiz1 6 years ago

in regards to Meg Cabot- she is simply an amazing writer, although i personally thought the main character in her Princess Diaries series was a little weak. If you want a book about girl power with a strong female character- take a look at her Mediator and 1800-where-r-u series'

13 reasons why 6 years ago

i loved 13 reasons why i cried awhole lot on that book

7 years ago

Thank You! this is so helpful for parents!

crayola skies profile image

crayola skies 7 years ago from Wonderland

Looking For Alaska is one of the greatest books I've ever read. Thirteen Reasons Why was very emotional. I cried a lot during that one, but it defiantly made me see from another perspective. I had a brief infatuation with Twilight, but as time goes on I realize that it's not even close to a genius piece of literature...not even close. Another great book is Echo. umm. Paper Towns by John Green is also pretty good. Go Ask Alice is a great book about the consequences of drugs. Alice in Wonderland is OMG INCREDIBLE!!. Snow Girls is another rough one. I'm fifteen and these are just my opinions your book list is great.

Sam 7 years ago

oh my goodness thirteen reasons why, truth about forever and twilight series are all amazing books i do say so myself. thirteen reasons why is very intense and i think would be prefered to older teens for some of the content. truth about forever is very romantic and i could not put it down!! i have read it many times. twilight series i can describe in one word- AMAZING! haha. i have read them all and they are very good. i love these books very much!! i hope this helps you on trying to decide on what to read!!


HisLight.InMe profile image

HisLight.InMe 7 years ago from Oklahoma

Nice list. I have not read a few of these I will have to check them out.

I loved the Sisterhood when I was that age. The books came out at almost the right speed for me. As I was growing up they grew with me. I remember reading the final book just before my high school graduation.

Twilight is alo a favorite of mine.

Thanks for writing!

Chad A Taylor profile image

Chad A Taylor 7 years ago from Somewhere in Seattle...

S.E. Hinton may deserve an honorable mention!

Hendrika van Aardt 7 years ago

You really went to a lot of trouble looking for these books, thanks. I must admit I would not have thought of Pride And Prejudice for a teenage girl, and you're right, it is perfect!

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    Top 10 books for teen girls
    Top 10 books for teen girls
    Top ten books for teenage girls
    Top ten books for teenage girls

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