Top 5 Sad But True Love Quotes

Broken heart.
Broken heart. | Source

"Being hurt after being in love is like a deep wound. It will heal, but there will always be a scar."

How true. You can love someone so much that it hurts. No matter what, when that trust is broken and someone you love hurts you, you will heal. You will grow and forgive, but can you ever truly forget? Like a scar, the mark of that hurt may be a part of you forever.

"It hurts the most when you can actually feel your heart breaking."

When your heart is broken, it's as if the whole entire world is crashing down around you. You become blinded by rage, anger, and sadness. Everything is a mess and nothing makes sense. On top of everything, your heart broken isn't just an emotional experience, it can also cause very real physical pain.

Woman with a broken heart.
Woman with a broken heart. | Source

"The one you love the most is the one who hurts you the most."

Unbelievably twisted yet true. You believe that you are strong and independent when you let that one person in. You believe that everything will be fine. How could this person ever hurt me? you think. The lucky few that get in and gain your trust are the ones that hurt you the most. In the end you are angry at the person for hurting you, and you are angry at yourself for your moment of weakness.

"When your heart gets broken, everything else starts to crack."

When you're in love, everything seems to fall into place. You are somehow unable to see any problems. But when you're hurt, you seem to quickly hit rock bottom. It's almost impossible not to see the bad in everything.

"Hearts are a gift that need to be earned."

This is the hardest maxim to follow. If love had to be earned with action, there would be so much less heartache. But, when you meet someone and sparks fly, you're as willing as anything to hand your heart over to someone who hasn't earned it.

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Cris A profile image

Cris A 7 years ago from Manila, Philippines

sad but true indeed! one thing with love is that we never learn, or we forget about what we've learned when love comes again. Thanks for sharing :D

gHiNn 6 years ago

..yEAh rYt!..

Creator555 6 years ago

A short but true feelings. Love never demands any thing except love. Those who have sometime in their lives have fallen in love can feel the pain and joy of love. People try to forget that love is the symbol of God which gives many good things but takes back nothing in return. Importance of love is felt by rare people, that's why it is one kind of feeling that you are on top of the world.

jeet shah 6 years ago

i love you no

bcoz it is true

bzos i love you

madi 6 years ago

these are really bad quotes. no offense but get some new ones

prmdk 5 years ago

like or love m kya difference h??...

kisi m kuch achha dekho or wo pasand aye wo like...

or kisime m kuch bura dekho phir bhi pasand aye wo love...

Gaurav 4 years ago

the best quotes i and we had ever seen. ....

dnt trip 4 years ago

True !

ovoxo 4 years ago

we are blind to love as its perceived through materialistic thoughts. The stereotypical idea of love stops people from finding love as its never what they think its going to be

gina 4 years ago

dis id so damn true............

sanjana 4 years ago

pyar me itna dard kyu hai kyu ye judai hai jise sabse jyada cahate hai usise ye kesi doori hai na cahate huye bhi itne door kyu jana padta hai akhir kyu or kab tak ye sab chalta rahega matlab pyar sacha hi nahi tha tabhi bo hume mila hi nahi kyu hai ye sab akhir kab khatam hoga??????????????????????????????????????????/

anamika 3 years ago

Yeah its hurts more.. whn we go for away from one who loves the most.. I loving him truly bt he no more in ma lyf.. I missing him each second. . I never thought dis day wil cme bt one thing I cant forget him.. I love him very truly. .

vishwa 3 years ago

feeling my gf didn't wntt to undrstnd me

isha 3 years ago

gud bt nt best..

let me giv 1..

M ovr frm a 7 yr relationship..v both lv each other a lot.. bt only stupid reason iz dt he is poir n mah parents vl nt let me marry him at ol n i cant disappoint the..

feeling lost...

nobody 3 years ago

Why always cast,religion comes between love..:(

fara. 3 years ago

it's hurt a lot whn v see our lov actually moving on:(

shashank 2 years ago

I m feelng so upset.....bcoz I m angry to me.I feel so gulty

priyanka 2 years ago

Why love is so painful ......

Amay Thakur 2 years ago

Feeling alone luvrø plz. Come back in my £ife

angel 2 years ago

Really love hurts

Manmohan 2 years ago

Don't love much more


Love more is always hurt more

Shipra 2 years ago

Love always give pain and joy...enjoy the moments

Darshan 2 years ago

LOVE, is a beautiful lie i ever seen:-(

Dr.Amit sharma 2 years ago

Love is very hard of life so avoid love always.

Dion 2 years ago

Love hurts mostly when you have being cheated by your lover. Should we love or not?

Mantasha Khan 2 years ago


aliya 2 years ago

I was d one,,,,,who did mistake? N stupid nw feeling fa dat

Rahul 23 months ago

i love a girl so much bt she doesn't understand at all....she just don't wanna talk to me even...feeling broken

ahil mir 21 months ago

Dilon Se Khelne Ka Hunar Hamein Nahi Aata

Isliye Ishq Ki Baazi Hum Haar Gaye Meri Zindagi

Se Shayad Unhe Bohot Pyar Tha Isi Liye Mujhe

Zinda Hi Maar Gaye.

9 hrs · Public

aliya 21 months ago

Pyar to mene bhi kiya hai lekin kabhi socha nhi tha ki pyar m dil itna tut jaaega

Agar Jo aapka dil todta wahi aapka dil jod sake to kya karna chahiye ?????


TRACY MINZ 21 months ago

when we love someone truly ....y don't they care for us...y...

TRACY MINZ 21 months ago

when we love someone truly ....y don't they care for us...y...

kunwar abhishek singh rajpoot 20 months ago

I hate grl coz dey don't luvs boy dey play wid boys

arya 19 months ago

I love my love from true heart she also love me...but y always girls thinks that we boy always take there independence this is all bullshit..nw she is moving on N i cnt that's only the differences

prosenjit saha 16 months ago

I fought to keep your love, you didn’t fight to keep mine. That’s the difference between you and me.

ANIL 15 months ago

Ek din atitude hum bhe dikhayenge,

jee bhar ke sab ko hum bhe rulaynge,

paidal chal rahe honge DOST sare ,

aur hum aaram se kandho pe let kar jayenge.

I Hate


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