Touch The Fields (poem)

Who was I to touch the fields of splendor

Taking in the comely spring of youth

Flowers were swept dreams for a tomorrow

Heartbeats were some words to this day’s song


One more day to scramble cares with friends

One more memory of legends made

Was in a place so strange and unfamiliar

When I first felt the breath of something new


I heard the world cry comrade come away

The day is young and thrills remain untried

But all I was this moment special drew

A vision which would set all else askew


Something lingered in that last farewell

As deep inside me yearnings burnings grew

And all my cares so far beyond me flew

What were these heights this person set me through


It wasn’t long for kisses to debut

As magic moment turned into a few

I would return as lovers often do

Just who was I to touch the fields so true

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vkwok profile image

vkwok 22 months ago from Hawaii

Awesome poem, and LOL on the video.

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