Touched Deeply


Self esteem touched her

on the shoulder

when she was walking

circles through the pit of despair,

and within that ebony darkness

she doubted she had felt anything

worthy of being touched

so deeply by her humble efforts.

Then words appeared

on the rock walls around her

and a light of heavenly glory

illuminated her years .

She saw all the good

she had rendered in poetic form

etched in the stone face

of despairs darkest creases,

and she understood that

all was not in vain.

That she was of value to many

and when she turned

an angel appeared and smiled

placing his finger on her lips

he said,

"There is a halo half formed

that hovers just above your spirit...

and you are well on your way to

completing that circle of light

which one day will crown all that

you have accomplished

here among others."

Her eyes closed in relief

and when she opened them

he was gone and only

a ladder led out of the pit .

She climbed it boldly

and strode forth

with a full head of steam

to face the brighter days ahead.

It was her self esteem pushing gently

on her back.......

exactly in the precise spot

where someday she would have wings....




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