Trapped Fortuneado

Trapped In A Suit Of Fools

 I stand trapped in my fools suit as i am aproched by one whos face wore a mask of friendship a smile that i know now was one of stelthy deceit

My heart a battle drum throbbing in my brest my captor seems to enjoy the psycotic plesure of bringing my death to me with haste

I know now that from the first moment I agreed on joining my aquantance my murder was planned with worrying acuracy

I was blinded by his asumed good intentions

I let myself becom the charecter my costume now my burial suit portrayed

My friend hear this

Never let the spirits cloud your mind when you are in the presence of one who wears a mask.

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DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 6 years ago

Deep and scary.this gave me the chills.

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