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Arundel Influence

Brian Arundel "The Things I've Lost" is a great short story. I truly enjoy the way that Arundel utilized the list of things he lost in his lifetime as a means of entertaining readers. I found it quite interesting and have on several different occasions attempted to write a list of things I had lost with similar flair. All of my attempts at mimicry lacked the originality of Arundels novel idea.In fact, It is quite difficult to string together so much loss in so few words and still come off as lighthearted and fancy free. I truly thought it would be easy and therefore challenge anyone who reads this to make there own attempt. There is a link to Brian Arundel's "The Things Ive Lost" below as well if you have no idea what Brian lost.

The Things Ive Lost, influenced me greatly. Although I never succeeded in writing a witty essay about my missing items, I did manage to mimic Arundels list. I chose to write a humorous list of haiku poems I wrote over the summer. It is somewhat shorter than Arundels list in retrospect.  His is a short story while mine is more like a poem.

Things I've Haiku'd

SUV, on a windy day. Crabgrass, and having to weed my yard. The web worms that ate the blooms off my tree. Halloween, not all my haiku's are good. Rainy Day haiku, no I didn't save up for this one. Wrote two Haiku's on typing haiku's, I like the rhythmic tapping of fingers on the keyboard, what can I say? I wrote a haiku about reading a story about Indians calling cotton "tiny lambs." A cloudy day, sunflowers, mesquite trees, swearing the Texas heat and Mosquitoes. No, the last isn't an excerpt from a David Allen Coe song. The kids getting off the school bus, Autumn, reflections, dancing children and Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. I think Haiku is one of the easiest ways to express yourself in writing and that it enables one to get into the habit of writing. Id like to say all my haiku's are original works, however, I get the strangest sense of De'javu from my mesquite tree haiku. Like I perhaps, had read it somewhere before, and while looking at the mesquite tree in my backyard, somehow transposed the humor from another haiku into my own. Is this plagiarism? I don't think so.

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loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet

Hey, I see your being productive and devised a play of words... A little rhetorical fantasia of sorts... Well done...

I just got my tool back, its still wounded though, I guess I'll go on...

pearlgearl profile image

pearlgearl 6 years ago Author

Are you talking about your monitor? LOL, too bad you don't live nearby we could have a LAN party at my house and you wouldn't have to worry about it no more.

I guess I can be the self centered artsy type when it comes to my writing, it's all about me in the long run, but I am woman hear me type, haha.

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