A Tribute To Daniel

Warm in heart and now at peace. Now knowing beauty of souls release. He fly's unfettered into view, filling the hearts of me and you.

Filled with passion he does fly lighting up the midnight sky. Sees Universe in all its glory, holding keys to our life story.

So much to have said so little time. Yet closing eyes, inside your mind, hearing words he should have said, like Starlight dancing in your head.

In Suns bright glory he will dwell, no longer fearing depths of Hell. Reaching out to touch those he loves. Hands now gentle velvet gloves.

Dedicated to D.B. Slipped the Coil Aug. 25, 2013

K.S. Copyright 8-29-2013

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Tuatha profile image

Tuatha 3 years ago from Fayetteville, NC Author

Indeed, life was cut short for this man. Good Guy! Will be missed.

annart profile image

annart 3 years ago from SW England

What a lovely tribute; sounds like a life finished too early.

AUPADHYAY profile image


Interesting hub, tuatha, I liked it, voted it up and pinned too. Thanks for sharing.

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