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Sunrise in California San Luis Reservoir

sunrise over water just the perfect good day!
sunrise over water just the perfect good day!


Awakened by the morning light

Was blinded by the sun so bright

Saw skies so blue land clouds so white

I prayed the day would just go right

Felt warm, sunny and full of delight

Enchanted by the peaceful sight

Enjoyed the view from the perfect height

Embraced the beauty so very tight

Held on to every moment with all my might

Felt my imagination about to take flight

Ready for sun down I wasn't quite

Forgetting the chances are slight

Happy and pleased everything was alright

Then slowly the day turned into night

Now I'll dream all about it later tonight!

Written by: Ofelia Pena

What inspired you to write this?

The perfect good day I spent in the past.

Agustina Garza Arellano (copywrite2011)

San Luis Reservoir

A markerSan Luis Reservoir -
San Luis Reservoir, Los Banos, CA, USA
[get directions]

Great place for camping!

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epigramman profile image

epigramman 5 years ago

....well my recipe for anyone in writing poetry or poetic verse or poetic narrative or poetic 'anything' lol - is to always write from the heart and the mind will follow; just be yourself, create your own style and have fun with the genre ......sending you warm wishes and good energy from the cold winter prelude of lake erie time ontario canada 3:00pm

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