True beauty of the night

Redeemer from queen of the damned

Taste of the red elixer brings me life but ends yours.
Taste of the red elixer brings me life but ends yours.

Pt 1. What A creature I am

 I am a creature of the night.

I lust for beauty....

I lust for my princess that can show me the day.

I am an evil beast.

Death always follows me.

Murder is the way I survive.

Sweet red elixer of life....

rushing from your vains to my mouth.

Sweet taste of innocence from a fragile creature.

I am what awaits you at night when you feel safe.

I watch you from the shadows

Your life I want to take.

Why I wrote this type of poem

 This is my tribute to my favorite writter Anne rice. I absolutly love her books. So I am making a small tribute to her work with a poem series.

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Putz Ballard profile image

Putz Ballard 6 years ago

You did it well.Chrisse

chrissie123 profile image

chrissie123 6 years ago Author

Thank you so much putz!!!!

sweetie1 profile image

sweetie1 6 years ago from India

Hi chrissie,

You do have wonderful gift of writing poetry but you look so hurt and angry.. i hope u have calmed down by now

MrDSpade2 5 years ago

Creatively written, well done.

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