Trusting Your Love

 (Verse I)
If I woke up to find,
A sea engulfing my life,
Would you be there to rescue me,
If the sands of time,
Surrounded my mind,
Could you keep my memories from running dry.

Your Word calms the seas.
While giving me strength,
Reminding me of your steadfast love,
Each day,

Trusting your love,
is walking by faith,
seeing what only blind men can see,
Your love carries me.

(Verse II)
If I looked up to find,
A storm flooding my mind,
Would you hear my call out to you,
If I’m lonely inside,
And you heard my cries,
Could you be my companion for life,


God is Love….

More than the ravens,
Who don’t sow or reap,
More than the lilies,
Who don’t labor or leap,
My God provides for me,
It’s more than my deeds,
It’s more than my looks,
It’s his death on the cross that delivers me,
Oh, unconditional love for me.

Trusting your love,
is walking by faith,
seeing what only blind men can see

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Robertbloggert profile image

Robertbloggert 6 years ago from Oklahoma

Bravo! And welcome to hubpages. Very powerful lyrics well done. So wheres the video? I would love to hear the music for it or at least tell the chords and tempo your setting it to. I love putting songs together as well. I like taking Hymns from our Baptist hymnal ( alot of which have very powerful lyrics) and putting them to newer chord sets. I did one called Burn in me fire of God. It's one from the hymnal that has great verses but no chorus so I put a Jeremy Camp chord set to it and added a chorus came out pretty good.

I'm really enjoying your hubs and look forward to more. Your life is a true blessing.

A new fan and brother in Christ, Robert

May God continue to bless you in all things, always and may his grace and mercy be with you to the glory of the Father.

bulletproofballoo profile image

bulletproofballoo 6 years ago from Nashville,TN Author

Here is the link... I changed a word in the written version, and I'm still working on the bridge. Didn't like the chords I went to toward the end..

And I LOVE Jeremy Camp. He has such a story and his album "Stay" took my through highschool.

bulletproofballoo profile image

bulletproofballoo 6 years ago from Nashville,TN Author

Oh... And I'm writing a daily devotional. I have the first month written... Is there a way to post something like that together on here? (I'm very new if you didn't notice. haha)

Robertbloggert profile image

Robertbloggert 6 years ago from Oklahoma

Wow sounds great! I watched your others as well you shouldn't be so hard on yourself dude. Really I can't even get myself to sing over my guitar. And I see you do like Jeremy, Lol and his story as his life is a great blessing.

Besides I was listening to your praise offering to the lord and when needed I'm sure he will annoint that voice of yours. Oh and you know you can go back and edit your hubs and add a video section to put the embed codes.

And as to the devotional I would have to see part to know more how you can do it, but if each day say is kind of a average section. What you can do is when you first start one you'll go through the page where you name it say for example daily devotional sept, 8 2010 then you set your group and tags etc. Now when you get to the next page there are tabs at the top of the first section one says group click that then the drop down arrow and new then create say devotional group and then finish that hub and when you start the next one for next day go thru the same process only when you click group put it in devotional and what that will do is put a link at the end of each section ( you can see what I mean by looking at one of my poems) to the next section as well as back. Thus a reader could just start on one day/hub and when they finish reading they can just jump to the next day/hub. Hope that makes sense and or helps if not just drop me a message and I will help more.

God bless~Robert

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