Tumbling Words

Tumbling words,

nouns pronouns and verbs,

letters that cascade like snow,

on the page they dutifully go,

in line all present and correct,

the 'O's roll around and the 'L's stand erect,

words they say it all,

upper-case loud, quiet the small,

fullstops end the line,

commas pause for the rhyme,

without fonts this would be problematic,

the sentences wouldn't be so automatic,

imagine a life without words,

be like trees without singing birds,

blank pages just gathering dust,

or scribbles you still haven't 'sussed',

clip art would rule the day,

funny little images having their say,

thoughts would collapse as a notion,

only gestures to portray emotion,

they say you can talk with your eyes,

look at me for yes, averted for lies,

but without words we'd be like the apes,

blank expressions, open gapes,

and you would be wasting your time,

'cos this would be a blank sheet with no lyrical rhyme!


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