Two Possibilities .....Just A Split Second Away.

Two Possibilities: Just A Split Second Away....

For The Possibilities Of Two.

"Sometimes poetry

can only be written

in the flesh".....


There's little to

be said here.
Fingers wrapped

around a pen

cannot compare,
to my fingers

grasping yours.

Poetic words

are but birds,
flighty little things,
while my affection

is more gravity bound

around you.

You inspire me

best in the
silent heat

of your gaze,
mesmerizing me
with coquettish teases.

Let my lips
take a leap of faith
sailing through
the vast emptiness,
to find purchase beyond
all the world's wealth,
in the blissful bond of
your own lips parted.

Much will be

spoken there,

mimed in flesh,
as we become

the poetry
that now

eludes me.



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