List of UFC Books

UFC Books List

This is a list of the books written about the UFC, UFC fighters and the sport of mixed martial arts. If you are an avid fan of MMA, you might find these books interesting. A lot of these books were written by UFC fighters themselves so they give you the chance to learn more about your favorite UFC warriors.

First on the list is...

UFC Encyclopedia

by Thomas Gerbasi

  • If you call yourself a UFC fan, this book is a must-have. It is the only official and fully-illustrated encyclopedia of the UFC.
  • It has 400 pages filled with over 1,500 photos of the UFC and its roster of fighters since the organization began in 1993.
  • You will be guided through a detailed presentation of how the organization came to be.
  • Take an inside look into the sport's most popular fighters by browsing through their profiles, biographies and vital stats.
  • Reminisce the UFC's most memorable fights, knockouts, and submissions.
  • Relive the best moments from the "The Ultimate Fighter" tv show.


Death Clutch: My Story of Determination, Domination, and Survival

by Brock Lesnar

  • In this 240-page book, Brock Lesnar recalls his life as a popular WWE wrestler, husband, family man, and athlete.
  • In his own words, Lesnar describes his journey from a South Dakota farm boy to becoming the youngest WWE World Champion and the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World in the UFC.
  • Co-written with Paul Heyman.


Iceman: My Fighting Life

by Chuck Liddell

  • Chuck Liddell calls himself a bartender with a college degree in accounting. And in this book, he will narrate to you his rise from being an accounting major in Cal Poly to the UFC's #1-ranked light heavyweight fighter in the world.
  • Get a glimpse of Liddell's life both inside and outside of the octagon.
  • Liddell recalls growing up as a child in a poor neighborhood in Santa Barbara.
  • Learn the stories behind Liddell's trademark mohawk hairdo, nickname Iceman, rivalry with fellow UFC fighter Tito Oriz, and true friendship with UFC boss, Dana White.
  • See never-before-seen photos of the Iceman.


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