Udder Nonsense.

Udder Nonsense.


() () () () () () () ()

like cow udders
from arms that
need coaxing
to milk the words
from each swollen tip
|||\ |||\
till they produce
squiggles squeezed
into a black cow
style of fluid flow
as a poem is issued
in a steady stream
of conciousness
below the head
slack and relaxed
until electronic impulses
spark it to move
towards the keys
to awareness
where words are farmed
from the white fields
spread before it
~~~~~\|~~~~~~\| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
fingers are planted
over the black seeds
that number 36
and soon in neat lines
thoughts bloom
toes grip the
growth of shag
stretching from feet
that bend and rise
carrying the weight
of what is left drained
but satisfied
to the waiting
bed of "Hey!!"
where more thoughts form
in the stable of dreams
that night's stall brings.


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Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 7 years ago

Odd metaphor. But it works. Or is it a simile? I forget. Perhaps an analogy?

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