Unblock Your Writer's Block

Having writer's block can make you feel like your brain is twisting and twirling through the nether.

For many, it almost feels as if someone else has taken hold of their thought process, and is squeezing every last bit of creative juices from them. The worst part? You can't just simply say "stop it!" and make it go away. No, of course not, that would be far too easy. Instead, you have to find a way to deal with it, because, just like a bad cold, it's not leaving until it feels like it.

Luckily, there are a few possible solutions. One of the worst things for a blocked writer to do is to continue trying to work through the block. Yes, we would all love to just power right on through it until we get our creative, thoughtful side back. But, once again, of course that isn't how it works.

That isn't to say that you should just give up when it hits. Oh no, there are plenty of options you can try before you decide to give up. Having writer's block is a frustrating struggle, but it isn't the end of your writing career, it just means your brain has been working so hard lately that it might enjoy a break.


When you want to write the last thing you want to even consider is writer's block. Though it does seem to sneak up on you when you least expect it, (and when you least need it!).

Here are a few ideas to help you combat that dreadful disorder that all writers loathe. Remember to take a deep breath and calm down. Help is on the way! :)

  • Walk Away! - Literally, go take a nice long walk and enjoy the scenery. You might be surprised at how much it can clear your mind
  • Consider your favorite things. - Think about things that make you happy, sometimes these will generate wonderful ideas
  • Read a good book. - It might seem almost cruel to go and read a book when your own writing is blocked, but sometimes just reading can filter your mind and help you come up with your own ideas again
  • What would you like to learn? - Think about those things that you would like to learn more about and then use them to your advantage.
  • What are you good at? - If you can narrow down some of the aspects that you are good at, you may be able to use them to help you figure out things to write about. Who knows it just might lead to your "Self-Help Best Seller!"

Don’t waste time waiting for inspiration. Begin, and inspiration will find you.

— H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Switching up the Artistic Flow

Yes, writer's block is a real thing. Yes, it is an infuriating prospect for any writer. And, yes, sometimes the writer simply has to fold and walk away for a bit.

It's always a good idea to try to calm, clear and reignite your mind and imagination. Here is where hobbies can come in.

That might sound strange to some, but it is a proven fact that trading out what you're having trouble doing, for something else you enjoy, can actually break your block!

A hobby is, in and of itself, an artistic venture, which means that finding and doing a few of the other fun and artsy things you like to do just might be the wrecking ball in your block wall.

Anything you enjoy doing, can help. hat kind of hobbies do you like?

Are you

Sporty? - Go Climbing, backpacking, swimming in the lake or ocean, mountain biking.

Outdoorsy? - Go camping, fishing, hunting, shooting.

A Homebody? - Grab some paint and a few interesting rocks and start painting, play a favorite game, clean, redecorate.

There are options out there for everyone, and many of the hobbies listed above here can, truly, help with writer's block.

Studies have shown that people that get stuck in a rut often need a change of scenery. That doesn't mean you have to go on a big, expensive vacation, just change your room around. Redecorate the house, or your favorite room. Paint the walls a happy color, these small things can actually help your stressed and bored mind out of its funk. And you know what means...

Time To Write!!!

Calm Yourself!

Try to remember that nearly ever writer out there suffers from writer's block at some point. The thing to keep in mind is that it is only temporary. Even if doesn't seem quite so likely to happen; it will pass.

There are tons of reasons why you may be experiencing writer's block. It could come from anywhere at anytime. It isn't just triggered, it isn't something that can be predicted and it really isn't something that you can avoid.

With all the possible reasons that can cause writer's block, it is better to not try to figure out why it's hit. Instead, it is better to actually look for a way to alleviate it.

You may just need to calm down and give your mind some time to clear. In most cases it's stress that causes the block to start with. So do something that helps you to DE-stress and calm your mind.

  • Take a long bath - Not only is a nice, long, and hot bath good for the highly-coveted "me time", it is also a great way to let your mind drain and get those creative juices flowing.
  • Take the dog for a walk - Pets are great for both causing and solving stress, and taking them out for some fresh air and exercise is good for both of you.
  • Go for a jog - Jogging at a steady has been shown to help clear the mind. And a clear mind is a creative playground.
  • Exercise for 15 minutes - You don't have to run marathons to get in enough exercise to clear your mind. Don't like jogging or running? Just simply get up and do your favorite dance or goof off.
  • Go out to eat - Sometimes it's as simple as getting out and doing something.
  • Go on a date - Something like a date can increase your creative process by giving you a little adrenaline to get going.
  • Watch a movie with the family - It's often the simple things that can jar that block loose.
  • Take a nap - Sometimes you just need to get some sleep.
  • Draw, paint or craft - To get that creative writing flow going, do something else creative until your mind is ready to write again.

Use anything that you can to distract your mind and help it clear. Not only will your writer's block likely go away, but you might just be a lot happier because of it! Every block busting idea on this list is also great for DE-stressing and enjoying life to its fullest.

Write and Ramble it away with this, very literal, Writer's Block Journal!

How do you Bust your Writer's Block?

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