Uncapped And Unsharpened Resources.


Uncapped and Unsharpened Resources.


in long thin

plastic cannisters,
hollowed and bearing
other opaque
long slender

with pointed ends,
lies the

ink of think,
where great poems

can be had,
for less

then 89 cents.

For those

on a budget
there is a

wooden dowel,
quite skinny

and filled
with common graphite,
with which one

can be led to
brilliance across

white sheets
of common

tree pulp.

Many trees

were sacrificed
to grace your art with
solid materials,
and this

wooden dowel
can be had for

about 29 cents.

The tools are

there to create,
paper abounds,
even napkins

and old bags
are fair game,
all it takes is
some common cents,
some common sense,
and a spark

 of desire
to capture

others imagination
and set it

to soaring
the heights of
heavenly writes.





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