Uncertainties - A Love Poem

At times when I feel uncertain

I search the sky at night

Asking questions within myself

Hoping to find answers in the stars

Into the deep, wide, darkness

I stare lost, not wanting to be found

Waiting, just wishing

That one would fall with grace

With a slight grin, and an open heart

I give myself to the night

Lay my worries into its hands

As I need to feel the touch

Of what is real and twisted truths

Cleansing with the bite of its breath

The wind washes over me

How I want to be carried away

Into the arms of love and hate

My eyes, these stars, our lives

Crossed between confusion and clarity

Blinking gently over who we are

And where we stand tonight

Book of Poetry

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Ausseye 3 years ago

Hi AngOlive:

Loved the eye for the universe

Lots of space for I or you to be lost in

Yes those aliens might love or hate us

But what a trip with the sails full of wind

Oh my hearty, I see the patch on your eye

As you sail the universe

Confusion brings clarity because as a good capatin

The stars would guide you

Great read and I blink at your hub and have a smile.

Da Olive or Ang will give us the good oil about the universe.

angoliver profile image

angoliver 3 years ago Author

Hi Ausseye, glad you enjoyed reading my poem! :)

Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 3 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

The stars will come out for you tonight. Ask and ye shall find. Uncertainties will always be that, but that measure of knowing and sensing and weighing up the possibilities ... we become more able to see things and see their value somehow.

We all need to know if a love is real or not. It changes everything.

Love your writing and your hubs. :)

angoliver profile image

angoliver 3 years ago Author

Well said Astra Nomik! It is very true, with love there are so many uncertainties especially when we are in doubt about what is real and what is not. We sometimes need to take the time to search our own heart, soul and mind before we can really learn to love. Thank you for lovely comment, it means so much!! :)

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