Uncommon Fodder.


Uncommon Fodder.



One of my most unique

acquirement's that I came upon,
was in a local pet store,

alone with its tiny faced
pressed against the glass,

calling to my softer side,
to hold it for just a while.

It was a tiny bright

eyed ball of fluff,
softer then a

dandelions puff.

Several hundred dollars

later I was the proud

owner of a Chinchilla.

It required specific

temperatures and strange food,
and I soon found out

it was a voracious chewer,
but it was also an

affectionate creature,
snuggling close whenever

I found time to hold it.

One of the items I

gave it to help it with

its need to gnaw,
was a red block of

pressed pre-fab
forage designed

for such creatures,
saturated in some

flavoring they adored.

I left it in her cage,

and went on with my life.

A week later as I was

cleaning out the cage,
I discovered a perfectly

formed, red heart,
chewed from the hardness

of that teething block.

Perhaps God instills gratefulness
even in the hearts of

tiny creatures for our tender care,
or maybe by simple

happenstance it randomly
nibbled away this

perfect design of love.
Nevertheless I was

astounded by
what was common fodder

made beautiful.








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