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I'm practicing safe sax tonight,
underneath my heavy quilt,
softly muted by a cardboard cone,
but still I'm feeling guilt.

Apartment life's not easy,
when all you want to do is wail,
the nieghbors don't appreciate,
syncopated notes that sail,
like sharps into their humble flats,
cutting through the thin wallboards,
soon enough I get a harsh critique,
from a very mad landord.

I'm feeling blues tonight
instead of Jazz,
in my overheated tent,
but till I get a steady gig,
I'll just have to be content.

So if you happen by my window,
don't be startled, do not jump,
at the jazzy sounds
beneath the mound,
over me a life sized hump.

"Sure wish that I was Donald Trump"!
"I'd play from nightime till sunup,
in a mansion, not this dump."


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