Uneven Road

the road


bus on its way


the road


(The thoroughfare of people)

Wherever we walk off

There will always be rough

Often times smooth

But then again, it would be tough.

The bus stopped.

The radio keeps on singing

Fast Car by Tracy Chapman is now playing

Just like the tune and the beat

They are altering.

‘am goin’ to Batangas

‘am leaving Pampanga

Bulacan, Manila, Laguna, Cavite

Are on my way

Way up high, Way down low

Way side by side

Guessing how much will I pay?

The road is patchy

Even asphalt can’t bury

‘keeps me shakin’ quiverin’ vibratin’

Still, the bus is moving.

It bumps!

There’s a hump

Rocky, sandy, muddy, grassy

Any combination can be.

Really, roads are uneven

Places are different.

The mountains, the hills, the rivers, the oceans

The forests, the desert, the farms, the fishponds

These are not flat

Some are thin and some are fat

I go to a place where I’m on the peak

Flyin’ like an eagle in the blue sky

Then, I stir to a lay where I’m beneath

Swimmin’ like a fish under the aquatic

Seldom, I’m on the plain,

The horizon of the sky and the sea

no place for uneven

Where all are great, all are worst and all are fair

1 above, 1 below, 1 mid

I bet for the median

33.33% probability,

What a small possibility

Where in fact, it will always be an assumption

Forever be an illusion

That the road will never get flat

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ned 6 years ago

tomo!!! my road is definitely uneven right now.. and wherever it takes me, I know it will bring me to my success... I'll just endure the rough roads and mud coming on my way.... And I'm entrusting everything to God! Very nice entry.. :)

blaise25 profile image

blaise25 6 years ago from close to you...

OMG this is amazing! Love it like the song :) Voted up :)

Jo-Anne 5 years ago

NICE :) I?it :)

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