In my firm resolve

not to get involved

again you've wasted

my time

I cannot help

or heal

your life

when you've

no regard

for mine

Distasteful charade

of pity played

against the wall

of ill

Yet still you request

and I detest

the moral fib you spill

You attract the cloud

of dark and sick

I cannot stress

how this will always stick

right to your side

you cannot escape

its become too late

to keep up with the lies

of your time

the dis-ease comes alive

burning dark blood inside

brimming with the tides

of your fate

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Carole Anzolletti profile image

Carole Anzolletti 4 years ago from The Phantom Queen's Labyrinth Author

wonderful to be able to create the feelings for others, and thank you for creating grateful feelings for me with your lovely compliments :)

dghbrh profile image

dghbrh 4 years ago from ...... a place beyond now and beyond here !!!

I liked your poem. Very nice work. Voted up and interesting.

KristyEsc profile image

KristyEsc 4 years ago from Minnesota

Very beautiful, makes you feel it.

SiberianWolf profile image

SiberianWolf 4 years ago from MidWest

Loves betrayal, is always the most painful... emotional ink! can feel this one

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